Thank you. Welcome to 2015.


Another year is gone, and here we all are, sitting in front of the screen, reading these words, and wondering where in the hell the time went. We know the answer. It’s gone away into the lovely Inexplicable Ether, never to return.

But we’re not here to pout about it.

I’m here to give a ‘thank you’ to you – all you out there who are reading this.

I don’t care what god you believe in or if you believe in a god at all. I don’t care if you’re religious, racist, sexist, gay, straight, liberal, conservative, patriotic, or a tree hugger. I don’t care if you beat your kids, your spouse, your dog, or whether you like crunchy or creamy peanut butter (I personally prefer crunchy, but again, this isn’t about me).

This post is about you, sort of.

I don’t believe in coincidence; let me just start there.

What I do believe in is that we (all of us – humanity in its entirety) are one, living, breathing being. That is, although we see ourselves as individuals, we all function (whether our individual selves know it or not). We also interact with this greater “Self” (the body of Humanity) with or without individual cognizance.

Is that too much? Yeah, I’m reading back over this and I’m thinking that it might not make sense.

Let’s think of it like this. Imagine a national forest (Where? Who cares where. It doesn’t matter where. Just imagine a forest that’s in some nation – something big). Imagine all the things that come out of a forest – trees, leaves, pine cones, grass, insects, gerbils, sticks, rocks, cliffs, and so on. Okay, now think of how many parts those things can be separated into. In a 100000sq by 100000sq plot of land of this forest, how many sticks might there be? What about blades of grass, pine cones, or flowers? Or beavers? Or insects with wings? Just think of how many separate things in one category there can be.

It’s a big number. I know. Just deal with it being a big number and let’s move on.

Now, take of every cell in each of those items and put a separate pair of eyes on it.

That’s us – the individual person. We are only what we see through our two infinitesimally small angle of the grand plan. We don’t see that we’re actually a part of a blade of grass, nor that the blade is with other blades or that the other blades house the earthworm as well as provide shelter for the itinerant skylark, or hummingbird, or that the bird might let us fall as it’s flying to it’s nest, and we meet up with another patch of grass, but the grass isn’t totally like us. Close, but not really. And we can go on and on, but the point is, no one knows enough to be a pessimist.

We can only humanly see what our human functions allow us to see.

Somewhere on Facebook it says that I have something like 800+ friends.

Whoa! 800 people!

I sit back and think about that and am deeply grateful. That number is just from people on Facebook, and there are tons of you with whom I haven’t even found (or haven’t found me). That’s just a small number, as well, compared with the number of people who have helped me in my life. I’m not just talking about helping me in a financial way or a physical way (my parents are the powerhouses of those endeavors), but in inspirational or uplifting ways. Academic ways, even.

I’m 37 this year and my life, day after day, is a blessing. When I wake up and consider all that I possess (both material and intangible), I can only come to the conclusion that I live the life of a king. I have running water, food in the kitchen, a roof over my head, clothing, vocal chords, eye sight, youth, and the list goes on. I have been surrounded (and continue to be surrounded) by people who know the value of humor, laughs, and smiles, and I am continually given the opportunity to meet and spend time with people who possess a very high energy level. I am daily reminded of the power of optimism and kindness and the value of friendship and companionship.

You, my dear friends, are the true unraveling of the Divine in my life. Everywhere along this path, you continue to bless me with reasons to cherish the present, and put full faith in the idea that the best is yet to come.

I’ll not take you further down the road of my emotional outpouring for your friendship and contribution to my life (and this you have provided whether you know it or not), but I’ll simply leave you with a thank you – a very hefty and immense ‘thank you’. My appreciation for your gift in my life is always there and never will I have the words to express it.

Thank you for this year; thank you for years past. Thank you for what you will give in the future. My gratitude is foremost and ever present here. I look forward to the road ahead and to whatever assistance I may be able to provide here and then.

This is my ‘thank you’ to you, and may the lights of your own roads shine upon you with greater brilliance this year, and years to come.


And thanks to my lovely wife, Kerrie, my Seoul Mate, for giving me this sexy nail job.

Photo on 12-30-14 at 10.45 PM