Reasons why Hong Kong is Amazing

(and why you may not have known it).

Maybe you’ve never really thought about it. Maybe your life has been deplete of proper enlightenment of the world. Maybe whatever. For whatever reason, you’re just not in the know of how cool of a place Hong Kong is. Hong Kong is one of the most wonderful places in the world. This is not me spouting frivolous thoughts like bullets into the air hoping that they will hit any of you, dear readers;.. This is statistical fact. And now you’re saying, “Yeah, sure, where did you get this because this is clearly your own subjective –“

Ah, ah – <waves finger in your face>. Let me stop you there. It’s not at all my own subjective viewpoint, because others in the world feel the same way – the very same, in fact. And (double “in fact”), I’ll go ahead and list those people below:

  1. The people living in Hong Kong
  2. Me, my family, and all of my friends (**yes, all of my friends. If they don’t like Hong Kong or they give you some BS line that they’ve never really been there so they can’t make any of that sort of assessment, then they’re giving you a line of BS. That’s horseshit, actually, and we’re no longer friends,.
  3. People in the air flying to Hong Kong right now. If they didn’t like Hong Kong, how could they make the conscious choice to fly there.


Those are, of course, just a few examples, but I don’t want to just sit her and list examples of people who know HK is cool. I want to list the reasons why Hong Kong is categorically one of the coolest places on the planet. Here we go:

Language:  The folks here speak Cantonese – a beautiful dialect of Chinese. It has more tones to it than Mandarin does and many more tacit rules to it that have ever been written in any book. To some it sounds like people are yelling at each other, but they’re really just asking about the weather or talking about going for a dip in the harbor, or noodles, or cds, whatever. As a subcategory, I should really list kids – kids speaking Cantonese. You listen to Cantonese and you may think, “How in the hell do you learn this language?” And then you see kids all over the city spitting this stuff out like it’s the only thing they knew and you find that it’s some of the most mind-blowing stuff ever.

Grit: It’s gritty. Do you know what I mean by that? It’s full of the workers with their shirts off, sitting on the side of the street, smoking, wiping the sweat off their faces with stained rags. It’s full of construction and busses, tractors, industrial trucks running back and forth, beeping, parking on the sides of the street, rushing down the road – not waiting for the pedestrians down the way to pass. It’s subways running day and night, and side streets with small pockets of eateries awaiting the next customer. That kind of stuff. It’s amazing.

Transportation – wondrous transportation. Busses, MTR (subway), taxis, etc. You don’t have to drive. You can, of course, but you don’t have to.

Food – delicious food. A bit tougher to find what Americans call “vegetarian,” but the food’s great.

Boats – lots of them, and they look great out there on the water. Just adds a bit of scenery.

Proximity to other Objectively Cool Places – Macau, Southeast Asia, Mainland China, the Koreas, Japan, Taiwan. Yes, location is good.

Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Beyond, Donnie Yan, Siman Yam, Andy Lau: Watch some HK movies.

Sleeping Dogs – HK is the setting for one of the finest video games ever – Sleeping Dogs. I wish they made a second one, but I haven’t given up hope yet.


It’s one of my favorite places and there’s only one way to experience it. That’s all I got for the moment. We’re off to get some more HK in our veins.




D2 – a question for the gamers


D2 –

up   We know it’s coming out. There’s nothing we can do to stop it. Most of us welcome it with open arms and loaded weapons. We’re all looking forward to blowing things up and watching explosions in space along with the lifeless bodies and exploding heads of aliens KA-BOOMING around us.

down Though, there are some people (like myself) who are either on the fence or just are not looking forward to this whatsoever. They think it’s not going to be all that different from the first one and that all that it will be with be a huge universal loot grind to get this better weapon to do this better thing, to get this many more experience points to gain this level, to finally do …WHATEVER.

My question to you is: 

QUESTION: What are your thoughts on this?

Comment below.

Armada – a letter

ArmadaArmada by Ernest Cline
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dear Mr. Cline,

Thank you for this book. I don’t know how long it took you or how many times you had to go back and edit, tear, toss out, emit, or rewrite, but however long it took you, you should know that from this reader’s perspective, your work was worth every drop of time you put into it.

You of course know of the old writing adage that (good) writing is rewriting, and from my experience reading this book, you’ve done your share.

I have been reading all my life, sci-fi and fantasy, mainly and have for as long as I can remember, been into all manner of game, movie, and geek lit. There are authors out there who are my heroes, just as there are games out there, movies, short stories, songs, and t.v. shows that have truly captured my imagination and helped me mold the way I see things in the world – the present, the future, myself, and all the possibilities therein.

RPO was one of those. I listened to the audio version, read beautifully by Wheton. What a well-crafted, intensely real story. It was so taken by the characters, the dialogue, the world, that I felt that I was there. Each page, each witty quip not only brought me back to the people, backdrops, and senses of my childhood, but helped me incorporate those memories into a game-tweaked alternate futuristic potential. One in which I got giddy goosebumps about. Thinking about that book now just excites the hell out of me. There are no words – it was bad ass. RPO is a book I’m still telling friends about. I’m almost to the point where, if they haven’t read it, I just figure my relationship with them is meaningless and isn’t worth pursuing.

….okay, that might be a bit harsh, but it was really good!

I had to read Armada. It did NOT disappoint. Loved what you did with game culture and dialogue, bringing all the joys of my childhood geekery again back to the forefront of my mind. Before I read it, my brother told me it was basically Flight of the Navigator.

Nah – didn’t believe it. It wasn’t. Rather it magically incorporated some of the flavors from my youth while opening new kick-ass doors of potential as to where games can take us in the future.

Five stars here isn’t really fair. It’s not a high-enough scale for me. I’m ranking your style and skill of ease of storytelling. You simply write the stories I enjoy reading. RPO and Armada are not to be compared as they are different tales with different packages of conflict and resolution.

I’m gonna stop here. I’ll just leave it as a big thank you. Thank you for the inspiration to continue writing, to continue doing what I’m doing, and to continue loving what I love. The gift you provide to storytelling and the fans of your work is monumental and game-changing, I would say. I would say that, along with Stephenson, you’ve added some delightfully florescent colors to the array of what kinds of sprinkles should rain upon the icing of the cupcake of modern literature.

Thank you, and carry on.

– LP

Post Script: I just finished the book nearly an hour ago and I’ll be going through the the general’s RTA mix forthwith.

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Summer Reads

Not sure if I’ve ever really come down to it and said, “Yes, this book (these books) is going to be read this summer.” I did just check my Goodreads list and found that I actually do read during the summer – cool. So, I thought I’d toss out a little bit about what I’m reading now and what I’m planning to read this summer.

What I’m reading now –

Armada, by Ernest Cline.

armadaIf you know me, you know I’m into all-things video gamey. After going through Ready Player One, I was hooked on digital/video game fiction (Before I go on, if you are into video games, you MUST read Ready Player One). Okay, back at it.

I’m currently reading Armada, by the same author – Ernest Cline. Talked with my brother and he said he looked it up and it’s basically just like The Last Star Fighter
, which I wasn’t sure of at all. I haven’t read it. Here’s the thing with me and reviews – I don’t really read them. I will read them every once in a while, but mostly, as cliché as it may sound, I read books based on their covers. Yep. This one just looked cool and it had to do with video games, and it was written by Cline, so that’s what I’m doing. I am currently about 80 pages in (somewhere around Chapter 5) and It’s great.

This Summer

Just a Geek, by Wil Wheaton.

whetonI have no idea about this book other than it was written by Wesley Crusher. I like Wheaton; don’t know what it is. He did read the audiobook for RPO (above) which I listened to for the first time (which, by the way, I thought was very well done). He is now the host of several different things going on regarding geek culture. He’s on the Geek and Sundry channel often. He was (and still is, I think) the host of Table Top – a show about table-top gaming. I also watched a great role-playing game that he hosted called Titansgrave. I didn’t really get into Star Trek as a kid, but I do remember young Crusher. I watched Stand By Me as well, but didn’t realize it was WW until much later. Who knows. It will be good to have a look at the book and see what Mr. Wheaton has to say.

2. One Piece – Vol. 42.

I believe the most up-to-date volume is 78 and the adventure with Luffy and crew abord the Merry-Go is fascinating. Can’t wait for this to continue.

And that’s where I am.

What are you reading?

Wrong Warlock to Question

*the following is a fan-fiction piece based on the world of Destiny . lp


“Is there nothing at all you have to say for yourself?”

Many were those who sought audience with the Speaker. He was, after all, the one true voice of the Traveler. Yet, after having been absent from the Tower in more than two months, the people who needed his direction became louder and grew in size. The Guardians as well, perhaps them most of all, were without their leader’s voice, and the activities of their home base began to grow insipid.

Trenton Biggs, however, still walked the Tower’s sacred halls with the same I-couldn’t-give-a-shit saunter that had long been his way of getting by. It made those who guarded the Speaker’s official post a wee bit more uptight. This seemed to increase when they had caught him rifling through several mounds of weapons and ship-related documents on the Speaker’s desk while the sentries were away from their posts.  At present, he sat inside a small interrogation room somewhere beneath Cayde and the Vanguard Table.

“What? You want me to apologize? Okay, ready?” He stood, stretched, moved his neck around and cleared his throat. He looked at them with masterful glares and began.

“I’m sorry you have your heads up your Titan asses worrying about me when Crota’s butt spawn are out there looking for a way to light our shit up? I’m sorry I caught you out to lunch away from your posts with your pants down blowing each other when the real Guardians are out there lighting Vex up like mechanical Christmas trees. I’m sorry I was looking for a note the Speaker wrote on my behalf to Master Rahool – a note he told me I could grab from his desk in his absence, a note which would allow me upgrades to my weapons and my uniform.” He knelt smoothly, then his form vanished from their sight. Seconds later he appeared behind them and continued with a sharp pointer finger extended to each of them. “I’m sorry you don’t understand the basic premise of camouflage armor or its superior importance when dealing with the Taken army.” He walked around back to his seat, rolled his neck again, and sat. “And I’m sorry, ultimately, that I couldn’t have been more helpful for your to get all you needed out of me. The Speaker will be calling soon; I hope you have something to tell him.”

“Warlock Biggs,” one of the men behind the counter began. “It is in the interest of Tower Security that you are in this seat, and you shall remain here until granted the proper authority by the Future War Cult -”

“What does FWC have to do with my being here?”

The two men behind the heat lamp looked at each other, their silhouettes showing more confusion than their faces. “We’re not at liberty to -”

“Ah, okay. FTC has Tower Duty for the month, right? So all gate security goes through you guys first? Well, if you’d like, I can send the white flag over to Saturn, tell the Army of Darkness that it’s now or never. Might as well walk right in to our dining rooms, sit comfortable on our aircraft and watch our people bubble and pop.”

The ring of an incoming call lit the table of the room, pulsing it blue and white. The other man touched the table lightly and spoke into the air. “Daws here.”

“Daws, Cayde. Listen, you still got Biggs down there?”

“Cayde, you know we can’t disclose any info on our investigation with the prisoner.”

“It’s ex-prisoner now. Message just came in from the Speaker with a list of high-priority warlocks to make a rogue run into Saturn. Biggs’s name was at the top. I’m sending it to you now. Make sure he’s out in ten.” The table lights fluttered away as the call dropped out.

Biggs eyebrows raised with a sarcastic overly-emphatic arch. “Wow, did not see that one comin’. Don’t worry, guys, I’ll do my best not to let the Tower know exactly how botched this investigation was. I don’t want to take away from your time protecting the Tower. Gotta clock some good protection hours on those rosters. You’re doin’ great.” He stood and stretched. “Oh man, I could use a Hot Pocket. I’m assuming my gear is this way?” He pointed toward the only door in the room before walking past FWC and making his way out.”

The rogue mission on Saturn was a success and on their way home, the pilots were crying with laughter as they spoke of all the pranks FWC would deal with back home.



Binks is the Mark



I’m into video games. Love them.

I love Star Wars too.

And I have an idea.

I’m thinking of a first-person shooter where all you do is hunt Jar-Jar Binks and gun his annoying ass down with different types of ammo.

God, that guy sucks.

Dear God: You’re (like) Not Worth My Time

dear god - sorri

Dear Life, Dear God, Dear Universe, Dear Fill-in-the-Blank,

Here I am – a fully capable, fully formed and apt manifestation of you, who in all reality, are me. I’m here just as You/I’ve created, with all the parts, tools, and beauties that I require for this journey. I’m capable of extending to all beings your infinite Love, Peace, and Joy, I’m capable of building higher, stronger, better, faster, I’m capable of learning and growing, and helping others, my brothers, my sisters, my neighbors, those who also share in your/my own reflection and image. I’m capable of giving, and sharing, and asking for nothing in return, capable of making others laugh, and feel loved, and that they are cared for, and not alone. I am capable of physical feats unmatched by other species who also share this wondrous plane of existence with me. I’m able to swim, run, sprint, squat, crawl, lift, and climb, I’m able to transport, assist, and afterwards, rest and recover, so that I may perform anew.

I’m able to be patient, to sit for long periods of silence, communing at any time, with You alone, returning to my origin for focus. I’m able to hear, see, and touch your/my very beauty every complete millisecond that passes from future, through now, and into the past. I’m capable of channeling the energy of my being so that the dreams of others may actualize. I’m able to make the world around me flex to the demands of your/my heart, my mind, and I am able to smile as I watch the unfolding of you with every sunrise and sunset.

I’m capable of sending blessings, to all beings, in the purely concentrated order (not hope) that they are actualized and that my orders (your orders) are followed through to the utmost degree.

I’m capable of acting, in good faith, in all that I do, upon the seemingly whimsical but divinely precise words of my heart when it speaks of the betterment of this place, this plane, this world, this blue and green (north , south, east, west)  home that I have been presented as a gift.

I’m capable of sending love, of healing, of treading lightly upon the carefully wrapped gift of a planet, upon which I have been allowed to roam and conquer myself, to find who I am. …In all ways, love.


Yet, I’ve simply found a better use of my time.


I’ve found that it’s easier to not help feed the hungry, not to take out the trash, not to close the door behind me, turn off the music, or be on time. I’ve found that it’s not worth my time on this rock to pick up the trash around my area, clean up after myself, wash my own dishes, or even make my bed. Those things – all those things and many more, I’ve simply decided to place in my own category called “Nah.” I’ve decided that it’s only worth my time if I get paid for these things, and even then, let’s face it, I’m going to try and get them done in the most expeditious (it was probably too much a waste of my time to even write that word – expeditious) manner possible. Quality? You’re going to have to pay me extra for that. Let’s put it into perspective of luggage on the airplane. I don’t know what took them so long, but see? they figured it out, nothing is free in this world.

Care for the homeless? Easier to look the other way. Sorry. I mean, I’ll write about helping them out. I’ll write about anything. I can do that. It’s just the whole… I dunno….yeah, even handwriting, or spelling. Fuck that. Seriously? You want me to take an extra half hour to pick up a pencil and actually write a letter?! Hell no! Next thing I know ,you’ll be asking me to sharpen my pencil on my own or erase a word that I didn’t spell correctly and rewrite it. Yeah right. Not today, Grandpa. It’s called e-mail, it’s called sending a text. Even that’s too long. It’s called “texting”. It’s called spell check!  It’s called “convenience.”

It’s the just way of the world – convenience. Wash my own car? Iron my own clothes? Do my own homework? Recycle? BZZZZZ!  WRONG!


Not convenient.

Cook my own food?

Not convenient.

Get to work/school/class on time?

Not convenient.

Reading big, stupid, awkward, shitty-smelling books?

Not convenient.

Do what I’m “supposed” to do, what I was “hired” to do?



Not convenient.


What’s convenient, is me sleeping in, ordering delivery in my underwear, paying for a bunch of ethnic minorities to wash my car, jerking off,  e-readers (even better, audio books), video games, styrofoam non-biodegradable (that’s a mouthful – that’s what she said! LOL!) containers that I can leave around my apartment and have the “so-sorri-no-speek-englis” cleaning crew pick up after me. I can leave the toilet unflushed as well, to make ‘em earn it. What’s convenient is subscribing to like, all of the  8th-grade level national newspapers (because I need to sound smart).

I mean, if someone really wants me to do all that other “integrity-human-decency-honor-respect-for-my-fellow-man” horseshit , they better pay me. ‘Cause otherwise it’s like just not worth my time.


So, Dear Life, God, Universe, Whatever,


Sorri, but muney taks.