Night Lights

It’s been quite some time since I felt uneasy, in an odd, frightful sort of way. Legitimately unnerved. This morning was when that happened.

We have to put it into perspective, of course. I’m not talking about me feeling completely petrified. Nothing like that. This was more a feeling of just uneasiness and lack-of-knowledge, something which I couldn’t at the time rationally put my finger on, and thereby created a sense of strangeness inside me. Freaky – that’s the word.

I woke up relatively early. The sun hadn’t yet risen and so my bedroom was still dark. Kerrie was still fast asleep beside me, and I decided to go to the bathroom and start getting ready for the day.

When I walked around the bed and turned down the hallway, I saw light coming from underneath the bedroom door. To give you some sort of idea of the set-up of the house, our bedroom is all the way at one end of the house, leaving only one doorway between us and the house proper.

My first reaction was, Great, one of the guys left the light on before they went to bed last night. Still, another voice inside me thought, Hmm, that’s odd. Odd in a way that distanced itself from human reasoning. Again, I had just woken up and my mind was not sure what to make of it.

I opened the door, resolving to nip the matter in the bud. The main living area of the house was illuminated, but, from my vantage point, I could see only down the hallway. I walked to the end of the hallway, where there was access to the light switch and cut the lights. The house went dark again and I waited, expecting to hear voices of displeasure (if it really was one of the students up doing whatever they weren’t supposed to at that hour).

There was nothing.

I waited a few more moments, chalked it up to forgetfulness on someone’s part from the previous night and began walking back down the hallway to return to the bedroom.

Two heavy thumps from upstairs. I stop.

            Hmm, I think. Strange.

I shake it off, close the door again to the bedroom, and walk back to the bed. Kerrie’s still asleep and I’m clearing my head to figure out how I want the day to proceed. Oh yeah, shower. I head back to the bathroom and stop again when I’m in view of the bedroom door. The light is on again in the house.

That’s weird.

Okay, cool. Let’s just take a trip back to childhood when we got to challenge the ghosts under our bed and in our closet. I walk to the door, open it, walk out to the middle of the house and check out what’s really causing this.

Staircase. I go up.

At the top of the landing, I see one of my “kiddos” hanging out doing his homework. All phantasmagoria dissipates.

“Hi Levi,” he says, arching backwards over the arm of the small couch waving awkwardly.

“Hi Adam,” I say with a sigh as I turn back downstairs.

So that was it, at least as far as I can tell. That was the haunting of my house. Humans – big and small. There’s not much else to it.

I can deal with that. I mean, I’ve been training myself to not be afraid of the dark for all the years since I was, I dunno, eight-ish. I can get over the rest. All these guys have to do is turn out the lights.