Taking the Non-personal Personally

Not the thing to do.

There are things in life you just can’t control. They will happen around you and to you regardless of how justly or ideally you (try to) live your life. They will come knocking upon the fresh paint of your new home’s white door (the one you made sure to customize so it fit snugly and matched the rest of the place) and disrupt the quiet time with your family you worked so hard to earn.

They will come at inopportune moments. They will be delivered by the most untoward and vexing of people, and their sounds will pollute the otherwise pleasant air of your life’s path.

You cannot take them personally. You just can’t. Because if that is what you choose to do, you are giving permission for these outside forces to control your personality, your view upon the day, and the homeostasis of your stable outlook. You are allowing a complete nuisance of an individual, someone whom you find supremely distasteful, rude, and revolting to drive the exotic car you so meticulously care for.

“Here,” you say, “it’s all yours. Start it off in 3rd with a really high revving of the engine.”

Be peaceful. Be pleasant. Be in harmony with the glorious silence of the world.

Be happy. Be a blessing to those around you and let nothing in that is not keeping in line with that.

Here’s to a beautiful day tomorrow, a beautiful week ahead, and beauty wherever you may go.