That’s a Whole ‘Nother’ Issue

I hate it when people say that.

Here’s the deal. There is no such word called ‘nother.’ There has never existed any such word. It’s not real. Doesn’t exist and likely (the gods help me) won’t. Yet, it’s omnipresent in colloquial speech, isn’t it? We hear it all the time in some sort of string of words like the above (title). They’ll say things like, “That’s a whole nother thing,” or “That’s a whole nother situation.”

Or, if you’re Snoop Dogg, you say “If it ain’t one thing, it’s a muthaf*ckin’ notha.*

My wife and I attended a soirée last evening with some friends, and at some point, a discussion related to English grammar emerged. Here’s the question: is there any English situation in which you can use the words ‘an’ and ‘other’ separately and it’s correct? A separate side question would be ‘if I use these two words separately in an essay or within a piece of formal writing, is it incorrect?

At the time, I didn’t have the magic of Google to help me in my linguistic side quest; that had to wait until later. But I was still intrigued by the question.

Historically, the word ‘another’ came from, you guessed it, ‘an other’ at some point in the 16th Century. I haven’t done the research, but I don’t think there’s a huge mystery as to why this happened. It’s the same reason why most literal amalgams occur, and that’s for easy of pronunciation. Even if you look at it separately (an other), you want to read it with a space or a lull in your words. No need, right?

I have since looked this question up and, though most voices out there are adamant in proclaiming the existence of a grammatically acceptable allowance for the separation of words, there are a couple voices out there which say otherwise. One entry said that if you were describing “a different one,” you could use ‘an other’, but if you were describing one more of the same, you would use ‘another.’

Much of what I landed upon was a football field of fora dedicated to the topic. Many who were voicing their opinions on whether or not it was correct, and if the separated term existed or not.

I simply find it interesting, and I’m willing to leave it at that.

But, please, whichever side you choose, I beg you to stop using the ‘a whole nother’ nonsensical phrase. It’s not something we need our progeny growing up with. Now, what we do give our progeny with regard to language education is a whole other matter..




May is Friday


It’s May on Friday. You know what that means.

Yes, it means that it’s May, and May is a time when, scholastically speaking, the crowds go wild.

I haven’t been with you, my dear Internet world, at least not for a week. And you know what? It feels like an eternity. But the question we need to ask here is ‘why?’. And the answer to that is because I’ve been busy.

No, not so busy that I couldn’t have posted something earlier, but busy all the same. I mean a lot of stuff has been happening.

First off, the coffee machine broke, which, looking back, was a blessing in disguise, because the new machine we got is terrific. It has one of those timers on it so I can set the coffee up the night before and then… SHAZAMM! – I have morning coffee! I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get over this.

The writing

Writing has been going well. I have outlined a little bit and have the first third (or so) of the story all put in to place. If you know me or have been reading any mote of my writing, you know that I’m a writer. I write, and what I write is an amalgam of It’s not that it’s a cathartic thing for me. I mean it is. But for me it’s more about telling a story – getting it out, on paper, into reality. It’s the clay that needs to be on the spinning wheel, wet and malleable, before engaging with it, to turn it into the masterpiece it has had the potential to be.

The gaming

Yes. Yes….and yes. Played nine hours of DnD yesterday. Nine hours. Nine. There is a podcast I listen to called Rollplay: Swan Song. It’s on Youtube and you can find it by CLICKING HERE. It’s basically watching other people play DnD, which, in itself, is rad.


In high school I listened to a lot of music. My first cd was the first popular album of the Counting Crows called August and Everything After. Honestly I feel that every song on that album is good. Most of them are really good, but at least all of them can be given the definition of a nice easy ‘solid’ good. One of my very favorites is “Raining in Baltimore.”

There’s a certain feeling that the human soul speaks to, one that makes it feel very full. This is one of those songs that makes my soul feel full.

I don’t listen to much any more, not nearly as much as I did back in the day. We go through phases, right?


It’s one of my great joys, actually, but nothing of late has truly piqued my interest. I started reading R. A. Salvatore, then didn’t like the writing so I put it down, then really liked the world, so I picked it up again. And now somewhere between putting down and picking up. Steve would tell me to either shit or get off the pot.

I’m also ready Macbeth. Shakespeare is truly the man (supposedly).

That’s where things stand, dear friends. I welcome your comments on any of the above or just to say hello and check in. I miss you all and, in a word or two, will tell you that life in NY is lovely. Again May’s Friday, or Friday’s May, if you prefer. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Flowers, Flowers, and more Flowers.



Jay-Z at midnight



Yes – this is what I’m doing right now. What in the world is going on in my life? I’m scanning iTunes to see which songs Kerrie and I have….

…and we just bought an entire album. So, that’s that.

So, now the only thing that’s on my mind is who gon’ run this town tonight.

Jesus – it’s bed time.