Reasons why Hong Kong is Amazing

(and why you may not have known it).

Maybe you’ve never really thought about it. Maybe your life has been deplete of proper enlightenment of the world. Maybe whatever. For whatever reason, you’re just not in the know of how cool of a place Hong Kong is. Hong Kong is one of the most wonderful places in the world. This is not me spouting frivolous thoughts like bullets into the air hoping that they will hit any of you, dear readers;.. This is statistical fact. And now you’re saying, “Yeah, sure, where did you get this because this is clearly your own subjective –“

Ah, ah – <waves finger in your face>. Let me stop you there. It’s not at all my own subjective viewpoint, because others in the world feel the same way – the very same, in fact. And (double “in fact”), I’ll go ahead and list those people below:

  1. The people living in Hong Kong
  2. Me, my family, and all of my friends (**yes, all of my friends. If they don’t like Hong Kong or they give you some BS line that they’ve never really been there so they can’t make any of that sort of assessment, then they’re giving you a line of BS. That’s horseshit, actually, and we’re no longer friends,.
  3. People in the air flying to Hong Kong right now. If they didn’t like Hong Kong, how could they make the conscious choice to fly there.


Those are, of course, just a few examples, but I don’t want to just sit her and list examples of people who know HK is cool. I want to list the reasons why Hong Kong is categorically one of the coolest places on the planet. Here we go:

Language:  The folks here speak Cantonese – a beautiful dialect of Chinese. It has more tones to it than Mandarin does and many more tacit rules to it that have ever been written in any book. To some it sounds like people are yelling at each other, but they’re really just asking about the weather or talking about going for a dip in the harbor, or noodles, or cds, whatever. As a subcategory, I should really list kids – kids speaking Cantonese. You listen to Cantonese and you may think, “How in the hell do you learn this language?” And then you see kids all over the city spitting this stuff out like it’s the only thing they knew and you find that it’s some of the most mind-blowing stuff ever.

Grit: It’s gritty. Do you know what I mean by that? It’s full of the workers with their shirts off, sitting on the side of the street, smoking, wiping the sweat off their faces with stained rags. It’s full of construction and busses, tractors, industrial trucks running back and forth, beeping, parking on the sides of the street, rushing down the road – not waiting for the pedestrians down the way to pass. It’s subways running day and night, and side streets with small pockets of eateries awaiting the next customer. That kind of stuff. It’s amazing.

Transportation – wondrous transportation. Busses, MTR (subway), taxis, etc. You don’t have to drive. You can, of course, but you don’t have to.

Food – delicious food. A bit tougher to find what Americans call “vegetarian,” but the food’s great.

Boats – lots of them, and they look great out there on the water. Just adds a bit of scenery.

Proximity to other Objectively Cool Places – Macau, Southeast Asia, Mainland China, the Koreas, Japan, Taiwan. Yes, location is good.

Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Beyond, Donnie Yan, Siman Yam, Andy Lau: Watch some HK movies.

Sleeping Dogs – HK is the setting for one of the finest video games ever – Sleeping Dogs. I wish they made a second one, but I haven’t given up hope yet.


It’s one of my favorite places and there’s only one way to experience it. That’s all I got for the moment. We’re off to get some more HK in our veins.