Guns and Church

My wife just told me about how somewhere some dude walked into a church and shot and killed twenty some-odd people.
She talked; I listened. And I thought about that particular event in the whole of humanity. It’s interesting to think about what motives people have for doing the things they do. I’m not singling out murder here, but since that’s the item d’jour, that’s what I’m thinking about in particular.
The Universe/God/Allah/Life/The Cosmos (whatever you want to call it) functions the way it will function and it will continue to function regardless of how angry we get over it. That’s the way it’s been for forever and that’s how forever it will be.
It’s all a judgment – the finest of lines between despair and joy.
Wow – every day’s a gift.


Binks is the Mark



I’m into video games. Love them.

I love Star Wars too.

And I have an idea.

I’m thinking of a first-person shooter where all you do is hunt Jar-Jar Binks and gun his annoying ass down with different types of ammo.

God, that guy sucks.

On Guns

Which message is stronger in our lives?
Which message is stronger in our lives?

Guns – definitely not man’s best friend.


My t.v. remained off during the ado over the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings. My thoughts were somewhere along the lines of ‘what is the point of getting all up in arms over this?’ Why would I want to go out of my way and start pointing fingers? The rest of the nation’s already doing that in itself. I didn’t read any magazine or any of the news articles that talked about what happened. I got the gist of it and even that came to me unwelcomingly.

It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that certain tools just aren’t productive. Well, I take that back. Perhaps at a certain level, it does. And when I say a ‘certain level’ I guess I’m speaking about the metaphysical level.  I don’t want this to get religious – that’s never a realm in which I intend to find myself. But, we can get in to the metaphysical a bit; because that’s actually something that stays out of the fields of the zealots and keeps it somewhere in the realm of what I would consider the open-minded.

People die. Let’s start there. People die by natural causes, or being forced to die, i.e. being killed. In the former category, there is an endless list of “natural” causes (which, in itself, is a different discussion, which we should probably save for a different time). In the latter category, one can either be killed accidentally or purposely. I would say guns can serve as tools for both instances.

Recently there is this huge political issue as whether or not to ban automatic and semi-automatic weapons. I kept my opinions to myself, during which time, in passing, my step-father asked me (rhetorically), “Why do people need automatic weapons?” My answer was simple – elephants.

But seriously, what justifiable purpose  does one have to make it legal to have a (semi)automatic weapon? Why? I mean, do you go hunting during stampedes in Africa? Without getting into it further, I don’t see any purpose for an automatic weapon. But, then again, my wife would call me an idealist because I don’t see any purpose for any guns. Why do you need a gun?

I can hear all the conservative voices out there – “What if someone’s breaking into your house or tries to kill you, or your family? Hunting? What about hunting? What about the terrorists!? The terrorists and the orcs or demons?! What about that!?”

Yes, the terrorists and the orcs, or the terrorist orcs. Yes, what about those? Do you know that wars are furthered with gunfire? The American media want you to be afraid. It’s called mind control, and the more movies, t.v. and Internet news trash you watch, the more you will be afraid. You want a world full of peace? You will not find it by pointing a gun at another human being and pulling a trigger – even if they fire first. That’s the truth.

Some people call for fewer guns, claiming that guns kill people. Well, so can knives, acid, drugs, swords, and gravity. One wonders what the 2nd amendment said about behavior in the operation of arms. It’s not so much the bullet that ends the life, but the spirit of the bullet’s owner. Would you agree? People have been killed by many things in the history of man, and I would venture to guess that bullets are not at the top of the list.

It’s not about believing everything you hear, whether that be from the news caster or your parents or friends. It’s about going on what seems natural and right to you. Just because the critics and all of your friends say a movie’s good does not make it so for you. It’s what you say that matters.

And the hunting, yeah well, that’s a moot point (the true definition of ‘moot’ – debatable). In my line of thinking, if you want to take an animal’s life, do it with your bare hands; make the fight even, at least. So, you want to kill a deer? Chase a deer down, and kill it. Bears, leopards, and coyotes do it, why can’t you?

Anyway, these are the thoughts that are going though my head on the issue; this is just another man’s opinion. At the end of the day it really doesn’t make any difference in your mind what I think. It matters what you think. But I just hope that you’re able to take my thoughts and work them into your own mixture of feelings. I would rather humanity treat itself to a life filled with love, not hatred. I don’t believe we can keep going on thinking along the lines of Person A saying, “You don’t believe what I believe? You should die!” and Person B responding, “No, you should die!”

Let us make love our goal and words our tools. Let us pursue peace through action of non-action. Let us understand the power of blessings, pure thought, positive thinking, benedictions, and hopeful wishes.


May you have all of these things and a life filled with love, laughter, and peace. Pass it on.