Fall Down Seven Times


get up eight.


When Vacation Ends


When Vacation Ends


L.P. Stribling

What do we do when vacation ends?

Cry to our families,

Make calls to our friends,

Tell them all that we’ll be back again,

Saddened and sulky to see it come to an end.

What do we do when we have to go back?

Throw mini tantrums,

Throw our backs out of whack,

Complain every minute that we don’t want to pack,

Why in Hades do I have to go back?

What do we do when work calls again?

We pout and throw fits,

Do we have to go in?

Our heads shake in dismay, our fists tremble enraged,

Can’t I just have one more vacation again?

And sadly we pack, angered and grumpy,

We don’t want to go back. And the road home is bumpy!

And isn’t there snow, or hail, or a storm?

There must be some reason I can stay where it’s warm.

But alas, our heads hang, we arrive at the station,

Or drive back or board planes,

It’s the end of vacation.

At least there’s some sugar somewhere in my bag,

And no damn resolution can keep me from that.

So what do we do when we have to return?

We could bewail the present while the daylight burns,

Or seize what we have; Carpe Diem, and all.

Hope you’ve enjoyed your vacation,

Each, every, and all.