What I think about at 1:11

I sometimes start off with something like, “Hey, I should go to bed right now.” But, that seems a bit too easy. Oh well, I also think about heading over to Glossika to get another jump on some language practice. If you haven’t checked it out, I would highly encourage it. It’s a pretty good set of listening practice materials for you, and we could al use a bit more listening.

I think about how I just checked my feed on Twitter and what a colossal waste of time that was. I think about how amazing today was, and how much writing I was able to get in.

I think about how it’s summer and it’s amazing that I have some time off to spend with family and friends. I think about how I’m reading a Crown of Swords and how I just dropped my most recent post.

But seriously, I need to get to bed. It’s 1:15.


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