On it

Holy crap, what a week!
We are just inside the three-week mark before we run into the Spring break fury that we are all so very looking forward. to. Still with Jer reading Lord of Chaos. We’re on about Chapter 9 or so right now. It’s the densest book of them all at present. All went well with classes and the work this week. The coffee was good, so no complaints there.
Finished up a short story this week and will be submitting it for professional review, so that’ rather exciting. It went through nine drafts – nine, and that’s just so far. I mean…and that was just a short story! I can’t imagine what it would take to get a novel or an epic fantasy through that many times. I know that there was a time in which Brandon Sanderson was talking on a Writing Excuses cast and he said that one of his well-over-900-page books went through fourteen drafts. Fourteen!

I’m sorry, what?

Yeah. Nuts.

Other than that, life is good.
Jer’s gonna get a bit of gaming of his own on this weekend, which is amazing. Can’t be happier. T?hat’ soigné to be my plan starting now. I’m workin gon getting more of that around . Have to have it. It’s sort of like eat travel bug, but it’s not really a bug. We know that.

I did watch some Critical Role last night. Matt Mercer is a pretty cool DM; I must say. Good show. I’m looking forward to some of the interviews with Adam Koebel and JP that are supposedly coming up. I have them all jotted down with topics.

Okay, enough of this drivel; back to writing.


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