D2 – a question for the gamers


D2 –

up   We know it’s coming out. There’s nothing we can do to stop it. Most of us welcome it with open arms and loaded weapons. We’re all looking forward to blowing things up and watching explosions in space along with the lifeless bodies and exploding heads of aliens KA-BOOMING around us.

down Though, there are some people (like myself) who are either on the fence or just are not looking forward to this whatsoever. They think it’s not going to be all that different from the first one and that all that it will be with be a huge universal loot grind to get this better weapon to do this better thing, to get this many more experience points to gain this level, to finally do …WHATEVER.

My question to you is: 

QUESTION: What are your thoughts on this?

Comment below.


2 thoughts on “D2 – a question for the gamers

  1. sarilleny says:

    I feel your “on the fence”-ieness. I’m sure number two will be more of the same. Had I more time to still partake in such things, I’d be contemplating whether to shell out the $60, or however much it is for the game. But honestly more of the same doesn’t really bother me. I like the game for what it is. I enjoy the experience of playing. with my friends. The cooperative environment is what really makes the game for me. Fun, and challenging (but not too difficult) adventures, that offer a different way to hang with my friends, (especially long-distance ones).

    • Yes. I totally get that. The game’s environment definitely makes the game; especially the social aspects of it.
      I’m at a point where I’m considering the amount of gaming time I can commit here. Although, I’m sure if I wait a few months for the price to drop, I’d be able to catch up to everyone pretty shortly thereafter. Thanks for the post, man!

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