Evening thoughts on Staying Positive

There is work on the next installment of the story, “Tourmaline,” and that will be posted by Sunday night.
The year is passing with an increased speed and I’m not sure I know where the time has gone. I am reading and writing; both are proceeding nicely, though after reading an online interview Robert Jordan did with some of his fans before he passed away, I am left newly inspired.
Recently I read a book called The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield. Fantastic read, and quick too. It’s incredible, when you really stop and think about it (and I mean that – stop and think about this sometime), how very difficult it can be to produce your heart’s work. I’m observing this phenomenon from my front-row seat here in 2017, and the amount of distractions we have these days must have increased sharply since Jordan’s passing. I’d like to look at a chart of our gradual decline of attention span.
(…reading, reading, reading…)
Yes, it’s dropped. No chart available at the moment, but yes. Basically, I wanted to stress the importance of getting stuff done. It’s about outlining and making things happen. That’s how you get stuff done. You go from Point A to Point B step by step, and you’re done. You just can’t make too many stops along the way. The fewer stops you make, the more quickly you’ll get to the goal, and vice versa.

The War of Art is a short book and a quick read that I highly recommend for people who really want to just have a moment to sit down and make some art happen, but constantly get distracted or derailed.
Stay cool, gang.