S – Town (*a cast for Serial fans) NO SPOILERS

If you’re a podcast person, you may want to check this one out.

Let’s start that one over. If you’re a podcast fan and you enjoyed the podcast called Serial (click here for link) (made by Sarah Koenig last year), you will enjoy this new podcast called S-Town (or Shittown), done by Brian Reed along with This American Life.

I’m not going to ruin any of it for you because I just don’t like spoilers. I’m not into making deadlines for something. For example, if a show has been out for 12 years and now the fans just want to start talking openly about it, I think that’s shitty. I don’t care if it’s been out for five minutes or five decades. If I haven’t seen it, don’t talk about it. This is the logically courteous way to treat something that not everyone has seen/ready/experienced. Another example – Star Wars. I haven’t watched any Star Wars movie since the originals (Episode 4, 5, and 6). But when The Force Awakens was released, Harrison Ford went on the the talk show with Jimmy Falon (The Late Show?) and spoiled something HUGE.

Not a fan.

So, no. No spoilers. But I will be giving a quick couple lines of gist. If you’re not into that, please do not read below.

Here’s the gist (super fast)

Brian Reed, a reporter for This American Life, goes to a small town in Alabama to find out more about the lives of some of the people down there, and how they all revolve around one particular man, John B. McLemore, a highly-intelligent clockmaker.

That’s it. That’s the basics of it. But, if you liked Serial, you may very much enjoy this story. It’s not so much …nah, I won’t go there.

It’s called S-Town (click here). Just check it out. You really might like it.



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