So …. the dragon

J and I are reading a series. You may have heard of it. I’ve dropped this info in the site. We’re reading Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time. It’s fantastic. I remember reading it around 15 years ago and only got up through book 5. Put it down because..well, life I guess, youthful judgments which may or may not have been valid. Who knows.

Times change, as do attitudes, perceptions, and overall views on the minutiae of it all. If you haven’t been up on the details, we’ve begun the series anew. I think J has gotten up to around Book 9, which by any standard, is impressive. My pops even got into it – book 7 (how he got to B7 and I only got to 5…no matter).

At the time of this writing, we have gone through the first three books and will be starting in on B4 in the next day or so.

Just wanted to give everyone out there an update. If you’d like to follow us and check out the site, please head over to our space: Across the Wheel.

All is well. If you’re an artist. Keep arting.



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