Twitter Twitter Tweet

Twitter – almost never use it. Not even sure there’s really a need for it in my life (is there really a need for it in anyone’s life?). But still, it’s something that many of us use for some daily data. Starting out, I wasn’t sure what the hell to do with only 160 (I think it’s 160) spaces. What the hell do you write, anyway? And whatever it is that you do write, what kind of shit do you say to make whatever you write worth reading? I’m thinking at this point it depends on who you are. Either that or what you are. If you’re the Twitter Control Panel for a huge sports team or political party, then my guess is that you’re probably pretty busy with that. If you’re a celebrity – yep, equally as busy. If you’re just an average Josefina, well then you’re probably not getting a lot of hits. But you probably don’t care anyway.

Maybe you use Twitter to just sort of check in with people. Maybe you use it to chat or leave messages with friends. You might even use it for advertising. In fact, that’s mostly what that shit is – advertising.

Think of all these different birds just sitting on a wire and twittering about, blabbering on about bullshit – Trump, Putin, Chinese New Year, Basketball, etc. The only people who you’re trying to tackle there are people you think will be interested – interested in a way that attracts them to you or interested in a way that makes them want to punch you. In any event, it’s a bunch of people just floating their ego around, saying stuff that, in the end, really doesn’t matter.

Yes, I’m on Twitter.


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