Jordanian Progress

In his lifetime, Robert Jordan authored a good number of fantasy books. He is best remembered for his contribution to American fantasy in writing the Wheel of Time series (well, most of it anyway). He wrote ten books in the 14-book series, passing away from multiple myeloma – cancer. His wife Harriet, who at the time was editor of TOR books, continued his legacy by finding a stalwart upcoming fantasy author named Brandon Sanderson to finish the series. Brandon assented to the challenge and, using all of Jordan’s notes, was able to finish the final three books in the series.

Several posts back, I dropped a line talking about how Jer and I were going to embark on a Journey across the Wheel, accompanying Rand al’ Thor, through the Blight and, eventually, into Shayol Ghul. And, at the time of this writing, I am rounding through the final few pages of the first book, The Eye of the World. It’s arguably one of the finest books in the series.

In the next two days I will complete this book for the second time in my life. This is huge. It’s huge because I don’t read books twice; it’s just not something that has ever made sense to me. Movies I can see. Books – no.

We’ll get a podcast in when we come to give our critique of the book. If you’re up to it and what to read our play-by-play, head over here.

Love to you, and have a fine evening.

If you’re a writer, write on.



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