Thursday in a Nutshell

Happy Thursday! It’s been some time since I’ve put something up and, quite honestly, that’s probably been one of the drawbacks of the blog. It’s like DnD in that you need to be consistent. So, my ways have to change. Not that I’m saying I am going to do any of this for the first of the year, or anything like that. I’m not really a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. The only resolutions that make sense for me are the ones that people make for themselves and live up to. It really doesn’t matter when you do the thing, rather that you actually do the thing.

So, what has been happening recently. For one thing, I’ve subscribed to Harper’s Magazine. Never thought about it before. Never thought about it for a minute. I have never been sure about how I really feel about ephemeral literature; still not sure, but I’m warming up to it.

Harper’s is cool, though, in that I wanted something for my brain. I wanted brain food. This, for me, included good writing, good reading, and ideas that made my brain work – stuff that made me think. The reading is very good, I think. I know it’s good because it takes me a while to get through it. It’s cool because it includes a milieu of both fiction and non-fiction as well as some snippets of poetry, essays, dicta, and cool little teases for verbivores like myself.

Other than the elephant in the room, people around me have been giving me grief for not voting. Oh well. Look, I don’t vote; it’s just not something I choose not to participate in. I’m going to leave it at that. With as much verbiage has been released into the ether on this topic, it’s not one I’d like to contribute to.

Peace, folks. How often we forget ourselves.

The Eye of the World – read it over fifteen years ago and rereading it now with Jer. Look, I’m an only child. That’s right, no biological siblings. But you know what? We’ve been together since way back when. We’re tight, and that’s fraternally good enough for me.

Jordan’s first book in this fantasy series is incredible. I would claim that it may be one of his best in the whole series. Jer said it’s taking what Tolkien did and tweaking it positively. Agreed. If you liked LoR and you’re generally in to high fantasy, you would enjoy this. RJ-RIP, and thank you, Sanderson.

Speaking of Sanderson, I started listening again to Writing Excuses. Jumped back into Season 11 from the beginning. Always enjoyed this cast. It’s short and informative. I’m not saying I get into every single episode (who does?), but it’s a good gang and good things come out of it.

UNchARtEd – game one. Just finished this a few nights ago. Stayed up until one o’clock in the morning and, enjoyed it. I purchased the Nathan Drake Collection for a delightfully cheap price, and am going through the series. Never knew what kind of a dude Nathan Drake was, but his personality is clearly one that was developed with a certain degree of attention. Naughty Dog had grown into my favor with The Last of Us. I like the way they took one of Francis Drake’s relatives from the modern age and had him trace back his routes along to his progenitor via a treasure hunt. Very cool.

Thanksgiving – thankful that my family’s coming out to visit. It’s been some time since we’ve all gotten together, and I’m always grateful for our time. Last time Dad came out, we had a nice walk to the beach. We’ll take the same route this time again.

That’s Thursday in a nutshell. Another post coming Sunday. Keep smiling, my people.



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