School Begins: Game On

…and by ‘game on,’ I mean ‘prepare yourselves!’
My mind during these past few weeks has, now and again, come back to my private space here and I want to simply put aside all this other stuff and get on with things. Writing is calling me, and sadly, I have not been answering. I try not to think about it, to simply let it go and say “well, this is the way things are going now.”

It’s never prudent to make excuses over things you like (or love) doing. That’s why I’m not making excuses. I’m owning it. The words haven’t been raining havoc on the page as they should be. That’s on me and I have to just face up to it. Now, I could sit back and flip through the book of excuses to see which page will best make me feel better about myself, or I could just get back up, dry my eyes, and get back at it. The latter sounds good.

As to the project, the outline is coming along more swiftly than it had been in a long while. It’s the most outlining that has come from this body, and I’m thankful to be in a position to produce.
That’s where we’ll cut it for now. Sleep calls to me. Time to send forth the ‘I Ams.’

Stay in the field of love for what you do and who you are.



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