First: My Take on Cake


I have a shit ton of birthday cake in my refrigerator. Birthday Cake. White freaking birthday cake. A TON!


I ask this rhetorically, of course. But I’m still confused, because this isn’t the first time I have left-over (a TON of left-over) birthday cake. And you know what? I’m pretty sure that theis isn’t an uncommon experience for many of you out there. In fact, I’m pretty sure that may of you have had or attended birthday parties in which, after the party is over, there is a ton of left-over birthday cake.

Why is that?

I have never been a traditional birthday cake person. I’m not big on the flavor, the huge fatty breaded fluffy chunks, the mountains of icing (not frosting)….it’s shite.

Now, granted, it’s not a homemade cake (which are by far better than the Costco/Grocery Store brand pre-made cakes), but it’s still…. I don’t know, the traditional American cake is just too much for me. It’s too much weight and not enough flavor.

Yes, you can call me a birthday-flavor-hating codger, but it’s true. It’s a cheap way to fill up, and not a good one.

No Cake. That’s it. End of list.

Carrot cake is a glorious exception.


2 thoughts on “Cake

    1. Hiroyuki! サーンキュー!なんかひろさんからお知らせが来たのことは超嬉しいな〜!ありがとう。いつかまた電話する?

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