5.4.U Always


I didn’t know this was a thing until today, actually. I do consider myself a fan. I’m not the fan that some of my friends are out there (胡婕), but a fan nonetheless. I saw the first three movies….(ahem) excuse me, 4, 5, and 6 when they were released back in the ’80s and have held them dear as canon since then. I have never seen Episodes 1 – 3 (thank the gods) because I wanted my Star Wars world to be untainted, I guess. Just the fact that they were released so far after the fact made me leery. Different story, different time. I never watched them, so I consider myself safe.
But this new movie – The Force Awakens; haven’t seen it yet. I know; I’ve already heard (almost felt) the gasps from some of my friends and colleagues.


Friend/Colleague: You haven’t seen it yet!? 

Me: No. No I haven’t. 

I haven’t seen it because, well, different reasons. I thought, first off, that it had simply become too much of a ploy to make money. Disney buying it from LucasFilms seemed hokey to me (Disney? Seriously??).  Then, when I heard that some of the originals (Solo, Leia, Skywalker) were going to be in the new film, I didn’t know what to think. I thought it just wasn’t going to be the same. The technology’s different, the actors are older (they’re going to look all old and deathly, and I don’t want to watch something that shows them as old.), there’s going to be a passing of the torch, because those actors can’t be in film much more (because they’re OLD! – and this sucks because we remember them in their heydays, when they were invincible, and impenetrable…and it’s hard to see them any other way).

In a way I think I also didn’t want to see it because I didn’t want there to be a voice inside me while I was watching that was looking for a reason to not like it. And then the fact that Disney’s making more of them, it just seems like they’re turning one of my favorite childhood fantastical worlds into a money machine, and that hurts. And why would I want to see something which may damage the beautiful soul of those first three?

Anyway, bummin’ around the Net today and find out that today’s May 4th. I can see why it’s “Star Wars Day,” but I’m not going to tell you something as ridiculous as May the Fourth Be With You…

..that’s just plain dumb.

I still haven’t seen it, but who knows, maybe one day.

Remember them fondly.


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