Read Them Fairy Tales

gaiman reading

This is quite probably the most inspirational interview I’ve read in quite some time. It’s certainly the most inspirational one I’ve read this year.

It has to do with reading.

I’ve written several posts in the past addressing the issue, but Neil Gaiman tends to give the consistent edge on what I’m trying to deliver. Thanks, Neil.

I won’t drone on in any protracted form here; there’s nothing I can pen in this space which will add any more weight to Gaiman’s already eloquently presented position. I am placing his words here (at least providing the link) because I champion his position with every bit of me there is. Humanity is a magical creature that, comically, does not understand its own power. Reading, as a wizard keeping fresh the spells of his craft, is of the most essential skills of our kind.

Einstein (*as you’ll see in the article) said it best when he mentioned how fairy tales should be used.

Again, my thanks to Neil, and all my fellow writers and readers out there. Your torches are our suns.



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