Game It – gaming professionally



‘Cuz it’s a thing, apparently. It’s a thing that has taken the entire world by storm – this whole playing video games for a living, to support yourself, and your family, and your dog (for those of you who don’t consider your dogs your family …. ‘cause you’re dicks).

But, the deal is that it’s huge – massive. It’s bigger than huge. It’s something that sells out Madison Square Garden more quickly than a professional sports team, the Knicks, say. It’s incredible.

It just shows what kind of world it’s becoming technologically, or more precisely, digitally.

Part of me is all for it. Part of me says, “Yes, woo hoo! I love games!” But the other part of me is saying something like, “Wait, what’s going on here? Why is it that everyone’s playing video games for hours and hours at a time?” Now, that last bit is hard for me to say since, if all the planets were aligned, I can totally see myself doing something like that. I love games – always have, but it’s a bit crazy that we have something like video game competitions. But is it, though?

There are sports competitions – basketball, baseball, football, soccer, etc. There are chess championships, Magic competitions, board game competitions. Are we really all that far away from video game competitions? We’re a competitive bunch and we crave entertainment. What’s so wrong about that? Now, yes, there are the cases of the kids who play 40+ hours straight at Internet cafés in different corners of the world, but hey, we all make choices. For instance, I love Gummy Bears. But I don’t eat 30 pounds of them at a given serving. Why? Because it’s fucking 30 pounds of gummy bears!

Remember that radio competition where that one girl drank herself to death just because she wanted to win the prize? (well, even if you don’t remember, here it is.) It’s the old adage, too much of a good thing, you know?

It’s about putting in the time at what you enjoy, doing what you love. It’s about having fun with life. Yes. Get up and walk around every once in a while. Go outside, take a walk, relax, work out, take care of yourself. But, if it’s not hindering your life in any way, and you want to do it, go for it.

I’m all for it – the whole professional video game thing. It helps fuel a great number of different people’s interests. It helps professionals stay motivated and do better than what they have done. It helps those of us who are curious out there in the world. It helps just bring out attention to something new, give a different idea an audition on our mental stages. It brings about online channels such as Twitch – a space for staying updated on the games you love and watching others tackle the same platform.

The deal is that it’s real and let it be known that I stand by this aspect of global technological advancement. There are some other sides on which I’m not all that keen, but this one I’ll take.

So, hey, if you’re into it, game it.


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