International Table Top Day!

Today is International Table Top day, and I have done nothing as of yet to celebrate. Yes, there are many holidays in the nation (and in the world for that matter), and it seems like nation after nation just keeps making shit up to give something a voice, to make people notice. Most of these days, let’s be honest, are dumb. This one, however, is also dumb, but dumb in a different way. This one asks us to celebrate the day by playing a game on a table…as opposed to killing turkeys or pigs, decorating eggs to commemorate a particular return from the dead, or eating ground up pig (*yes, there is National Hot Dog Day).

I would like to point out here that in as much as I love to play video games, there is a lot of merit to the table-top game. Think about it; these days are more and more involved with the digital medium of entertainment. It’s attractive, isn’t it? We can carry guns and knives to take out our enemies, look for treasure, fly to Mars, solve mysteries, etc. The video game is to today what hide-and-seek was to yesterday. Do people still play that? The table top asks us to put down our Google Lenses for a split second and enjoy the fruits of our own imagination, which after spending years and years gaming, may be a bit rusty. It used to be that we didn’t have to really focus on our imagination. When we were kids (most of us), all we had to do was have some friends (even imaginary friends), and we were good to go.

There are many ways to celebrate this, and you don’t have to play on top of a table, of course. A deck of cards will work, regular or specialized. There are all kinds of games out there and they’re super cheap when you go to places like Wal-Mart or the like. You can play Canasta, or Rook. You can play gin, rummy, or some games like Phase 10. Or what about the good old games like Speed, War, or my personal favorite, Egyptian Ratscrew.


If you’re über-nerdy, you’ll be playing some variant of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) and you’ll be all giddy about it. You get to play the role of a thief, a rogue, a warrior, a paladin, or a sorcerer to name a few. You’ll go on quest after quest, gaining experience to help you increase in level so as to fully prepare yourself to face off against the egregiously heinous Yaroon, Dark Knight of the Mist.

…something like that.

But hey, don’t let me keep you. Get at it. Break out the cards, the snacks, the friends, the condoms. Put your screens away, go out there and work your magic on top of a table!


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