William Shatner’s Twitter Storm Of A Leonard Nimoy Funeral Tribute

Friends to the end.
We’ll miss you, Leo.


Unable to attend the funeral for long-time friend and fellow Star Trek luminary Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner has taken to Twitter with a stream of posts, many answering questions posed by fans about the two. Many of the posts and reposts are quite touching, and it’s set off quite the Twitter frenzy as fans respond, tweet and retweet.

Live Long and Prosper billboardShatner also reposted a wonderful photo of a billboard, put up by a fan who said that it had made him choke up.

Shatner was on the East Coast for a long-planned charity event appearance, and wasn’t able to get back for Nimoy’s funeral. He told media that he “really felt badly about it,” which didn’t stop some, such as the New York Daily News, from taking shots at Shatner for either blowing off the Red Cross fundraiser in Florida, or chartering a jet to fly back overnight. Shatner also posted the Daily News cover that…

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