Spock’s Farewell


Star Trek, only a few know, is that one series for me that I’d like to watch from beginning to end just to see how long it takes me.

It’s not like I can in good faith call myself a Trekkie or anything. Star Wars just happened to always be my thing; it affects us all differently, I guess. But, looking back on the experiences I did have with ST growing up, and the role it played in my formative years, there was something I clearly enjoyed about it – something that grabbed me, struck me, or pulled me into it.

I didn’t watch it religiously. I didn’t have any ST posters hanging from the ceiling of my bedroom – the one halfway down the hall from the kitchen in which I lay upon four mattresses so I could look upon what my ceiling did have more clearly. But I did like it. All of it. I liked the concept, the journey, the characters, the conflicts, the personal stories. I liked it all.

But, in the original series (TOS), you really have to admit that Spock had the perfect allure for both Sci-Fi enthusiasts and sci-fi laity. It wasn’t just that he was an alien – something foreign from us, but he held a wisdom that we as humans both respected and saw as not unattainable.

Spock was, in most emergency situations, unshaken, able to retain his equanimity. Many of us remember him on screen giving Captain Kirk advice, calm and candid, in the most tempestuous of military situations. That’s just the guy Spock was.

And off screen, Leonard was a writer, a poet, a photographer, and well, as well all know, he was just a hell of a guy. He and Shatner had a friendship that began early and blossomed throughout life. What a treasure that must have been?

Nimoy and Spock began their career and blew up in the Sci-Fi community, and as well all know, it didn’t all blow away with the wind with TOS. Spock was there throughout the series and the world. He was there in body, and voice. And now, as always in our world, Leonard and Spock spend the rest of this time with us in spirit.

So, I write this now to him, from wherever he’s watching. Leonard/Spock, thank you for your time with us on this station. You’re off to a new station, and you’ll no doubt make your new world exceedingly brave and happy. Thank you for your lessons, your words, and the model you gave in yourself to our world. You are family, and you will be missed.

spock (1)

May you prosper now and always.


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