A Voice from the Life beyond


The waters rippled in unison over Lake Sluin that August morning. I was eight. I remember this lucidly because it was to be a day of celebration – celebration of my birth.

    Now, in your minds, I can already hear the unvoiced thoughts. ‘Yes, yes,’ you think. ‘Well, that makes sense, doesn’t it? Of course you would remember something that, that vivid. Most children remember the events of their birthdays.’
    In as much as I can see how you would come to that conclusion, there’s something I have not yet told you, and that is that I awoke that morning knowing I would die that day.

I am speaking to you now from a memory of my life then, as a child. I am speaking to you now, in fact, quite frankly, from the dead.

– fragmented inscription found on the tomb of Grimis IV, 16th Ruler of Mt. Shennal – Jupiter (3385 BCE)


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