View from the Top

We’re staying at the Hyatt on the Bund in Shanghai and what a view! There’s a pretty nice bar at the top. Lights are dim, red and there’s always some degree of fervor created by the patrons there. Tables are taken up and, with the exception of the one or two lonely empty seats, most bar seats are occupied under either a dimly lit table or the more contemporary snazzed-up bar proper.

But then there’s a staircase. It curves around from the just outside the bar and winds in a curve upwards to another level – the highest. From there is where the view is panoramic, and Shanghai at night is a sight to see. You get to the top of the staircase and have to exit the bar to an outdoor patio. It’s nippy, but certainly bearable. There are tables and even beds out pushed up against the outside glass – the only wall between the top of the building and what would be a long, but eye-pleasing drop to the still ebullient streets of the metro below.

In the center of the patio there’s a circular hot tub.DSCN1717

Yeah, beds and a hot tub. I’m not sure what kind of environment they were all going for here when they designed it, but, it looks like they were satisfied with it.

The view is great here. There’s the radio tower (the one with globes of varying sizes as it rises), and other beautifully colored buildings surrounding it. The area here is called the Bund. There’s a river here and commercial buildings, shopping, and entertainment all along it for miles. It’s a nice walk, if you  have the time.

Shanghai’s great. This is trip at present.DSCN1721



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