An Evening of Reading

Got to watch some high school students present their own writing this evening. Wow. I wish I knew I wanted to be a writer that early. But, I guess it hits you when it hits you, and you’re not really the one in the driver’s seat after all. When it comes to Life, often times we’re in the Driver’s Ed car – you know the one. It has a steering wheel, a gas pedal and a brake, and all the other fancy bells n’ whistles. But the real driver is the old fat dude sitting next to you. He’s the one who’s really driving the thing. He controls the brakes. He’s the one telling you where to turn and when to stop, where to park, how to park, and how you’re going to get from the driving school all the way to Jim’s Techno Garage and back.

I was the last guy to stand up there, though, to present the girl who had asked me to be her mentor. She was nervous and jittery a bit. But she made it. She made it happen.

I was impressed. It was a lot of work she did, but she put it all together. Sixteen and a half thousand words later, she did it.

Great job, L.


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