The Hub.

For the past four of five days I’ve been working on a collaborative piece with my friend RazorWriter, from Oz. She opened, and then I put some stuff down, and before we knew it, we were working on a Part II. Originally I wanted to wait until the whole story was done before posting it. But she started posting it on her space, and since I wasn’t sure how close we were to being done, what the hell?
It’s been fun; I’ll say that, and we’re still going. So, as we post this, piece by piece, please enjoy The Hub.


The Hub.

An exciting new collaborative work with lpstribling – wordpress.

RB – The crowd bustled as it stood in the long formation of a line up just outside the Hub night club.  Saturday nights were always best and the cold eyed looks from the Tongan bouncers gave those that lined up hopefully a sense of impatience.  Tapping his foot, Rory looked down at his watch.  Jacinta was late….again.  It was her idea to meet the gang at the club, and the young office clerk wondered if she had been kept back again by her power driven boss – Mister Hinkley.  Reaching into his jean pocket, Rory fished out his cell and checked the messages again.  Still – nothing from her.  ~Dammit, where could she be?~  he thought to himself.  There was still about ten people in front of him, and at least fifty in behind.  Cursing softly, he tapped…

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