The Kingkiller Chronicles – another literary victim


Why does everything that’s literarily of good quality have to go to the big screen?


I was just checking Reddit and found out that Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicles is under production on FOX – the same wonderful company that completely decimated all of the dreamy potential Firefly had.

If you enjoy fantasy and have never read The Name of the Wind, the first book in the series, you are missing out on some great fantasy.

Sadly, if you wait long enough, you don’t have to really put in the effort to read it. You can just sit there, shove buttered popcorn in your face, and get the whole thing delivered to you, service of the American media.

I know everyone is into the whole Game of Thrones thing on television, but the books are where it started, and I know that George has made and probably continues to make a butt-ton of cash with it, but I can’t help feeling that the very essence of the magic of it is gone, that it’s been destroyed. I’m talking about Harry Potter, Misery, Shogun, The Lord of the Rings for God’s sake.

By the same token, I don’t give a shit about The Hunger Games (I mean Battle Royale was already done, and that story was the best it could be) or 50 Shades of Suck. Have I read it? No. I haven’t. I won’t. But you know what? All that stuff can go right ahead and sell out to the screen vamps all they want. I’m talking about literature that has placed a stamp of quality and admiration upon the genre.

Call me petty, I guess. There will be those voices out there who say things like, ‘Why not take it to the screen so more people will enjoy it?’ Well, why don’t more people just make their way to a library instead of going on Netflix? I’m not knocking movies, t.v., or the screen itself here. I’m knocking the media for sucking up all stories that are of good quality from the literature circles (past and present) and shoving them in front of the nation so as to encourage more comfort, laziness, and distraction.

Or you can just make an Angelina Jolie movie out of Beowulf.

Movies, Anime, some (SOME) t.v. is great. But if it’s good; if it’s respected in the genre, in the community, then keep the format as it is.

Money can contaminate. This is of the biggest examples in present-day society.

Here’s to reading.

2 thoughts on “The Kingkiller Chronicles – another literary victim

  1. The problem with the film industry is that they no longer have any idea what creativity is. All they do is make movies about comic book characters, rip off good books and remake classic films from my youth into these huge multi-million piece of crap blockbusters. I don’t think there is a shred of imagination left in Hollywood. It’s sad, really.

    • Mainely,

      So true. Every time you turn around, you see yet again another Marvel or X-Men movie. What Iron Man are they on now, like Iron Man 7? It’s too true and it’s too bad, I think. It is sad. All the good books from my childhood are now just shitty movies and, conversely, I don’t remember the last time I actually saw true art in film. It’s not the best of directions. Why can’t they just leave good fiction alone and come up with their own good stuff?

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