There’s this serial podcast that we’ve started listening to. The name is original enough – Serial. It’s good. It’s about a murder case told over the course of maybe eight or nine messages. This is the first one. I’m not sure if there will be more or not, but I hope so. It was a recommendation of a friend, and it’s something we’re grateful to have. Thanks, Grimey.

As of this writing, we just finished Episode 7. Pretty entertaining. My friend asked me today what kind of serial podcast it was, seeming to think it was something similar to those which were broadcasted all over the nation in the 1940s and 50s. No, it’s nothing like that. This is delivered in documentary fashion, that is, taking a real case from the 1990s and cracking it open again – going back over it, first as a favor, and later as a full-time job.

If it’s not something you think you’d be interested in, but you still want to keep reading what I have to write about here, then please look away for ONE PARAGRAPH so I can give the others a nice little intro. ** I’ll try not to give anything huge away, but I will be giving some background and just some insight into the case and how the case is portrayed here.

The reporter here, whose name is Sarah….something, begins work on the case as a favor to a friend. It develops into something a bit more and then, by the time you reach Episode 3 or 4, I’m going to guess you’re really into it. It goes over a murder case which happened in Maryland in 1999. The victim was a high school girl named Hae Lee (I believe), and the convicted was her then boyfriend – a guy named Adnan Sayed (again, spelling is something I’m not going to worry heavily about here – yes, I realize can just go to the Internet and look up the information, but I’m not going to do that because I’m not feeling particularly excited about doing something like that). ANYWAY. The deal is that after school on February 13th, 1999, this girl, Hae, was murdered. She was found in a local park, several miles from the high school. There is a handful of suspects, but after a long trial and lack of evidence to point to the other side of things, Adnan is convicted and given a life sentence at, I think, the Maryland Correctional Facility. Now, this reporter has spent more than a few hours to try and see, if she can, what really happened that day, and if Adnan really did it, or, if not, who the real killer was. The thing is that nothing’s really going well for Adnan. Some days we think that he was totally the one who did it, and other days we’re just not sure. There’s something going on with his friend (who wasn’t really a friend, but more like an acquaintance), Jay, but neither of us know what that is.

I’ve never really put a lot of thought into the idea of murder. Not that I’ve

The big fat POINT is that it’s a podcast that’s interesting and one that I think you all would enjoy.

Not that I’m saying it gives you any insight into the mind of a psychopath, but it’s interesting all the same. I think it helps me look a bit more at how murder cases work, how interesting the clues can be and how the unlikeliest of things can really turn out to be something pretty interesting.

Okay, so really that’s all I have for you. Go out to your favorite web browser and type in the words ‘serial podcast,’ and click in the first link. You’ll realize that all you had to do was type in and you would have been home free.

Enjoy the episodes. It’s not like your life isn’t already full of distractions. But, at least this one’s educational.

Off you go, then. Go learn about murder.


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