DC or Marvel?


Before you read any further, I think you should cast your vote in this poll:

I think it’s a fair question. I’ll go a bit further to say that it’s not one I’m sure I would be able to answer with all the facts, but hey, we’re probably all at varying levels on that one out there. The full gamut of fans exists among us in the multiverse. Some out there have their ammo fully stocked to DC Stun with the safety off, while their opposing members are die-hard killers of the Marvel army. And everyone’s got her/his story, don’t they. Everyone has a background – a reason as to why they are members of whichever side.

Fine. I’ll start.

Those closest to me know that I spent my formative years as a member of the Green Lantern Corps. No, seriously, I was a member. Green Lantern was my favorite Comic Book character. I didn’t know the dude’s name, didn’t know that there were different members of the cosmic corps, didn’t know that there were girls (although when I found that out, if I wasn’t fully committed, that sealed the deal – have you seen those girls?), and didn’t know that there was anything called Marvel.

One of the biggest attractors for me initially was that he was green. Yeah, I like green, so what? Next that his green suit looked really cool. Arguments? But the one that really took it over the top for me was his ring and what it could do. Okay, so wait, this dude can think of whatever he wants and he has that power? And once you know that, you pretty much realize that nothing can top that? So, if he meets whichever other hero or villain, all he has to do is think of something better, something that can top the other guy’s power, and he’s got it made. It was a love-at-first-sight kind of thing. I started reading the comics, purchasing the figurines, and that was pretty much it.

I later learned that Marvel and DC were two different things with different characters, stories, and fanfares…and when I say fans, there are some serious fans out there. It wasn’t until many years later that I was able to meet some of these people, one of my friends in particular has comic knowledge only to be labeled as encyclopaedic. And it doesn’t even have to be DC or Marvel, it’s both, and then some. T***** knows stuff about comics in general all over the world that people don’t know about. I had no idea. I would be flipping through comic characters (in general) in some shop and I would ask him, “Hey T*****, who’s this?” And BOOM! He would lay it on me – name, powers, storyline, who he/she is related to, when they came about, year of their emergence into the world, strengths, weaknesses, and over and over, and he would keep going, one right after the other. I was blown away. T***** would tell me some stuff about there being people in the world who knew more than him, and I just shook my head. No way.

But everyone’s got her/his preference. So, let’s chat about the two for a bit.

DC or Marvel – what’s the difference?

Well, I don’t know and I’m not going to make this a research project in which I list all of the similarities and differences between the two, but let’s just go with basic observations.

I have to be honest in that the first time I saw a Marvel comic book, I thought the art work was better. Subjective, I know, but that’s just what I thought at that moment back in 19-WHENEVER, but that was the case. It’s not anymore. Now I’m smarter about things, knowing that a name doesn’t just contain a degree of quality in itself. The artists make the good stuff, and whichever company hires the artist, that’s the company that will get the quality.

What about Characters?

Some of my friends told me that there are some great Marvel characters out there that I should really take a look at – one of them being Deadpool. I must say that when I first looked at Deadpool’s outfit, it was pretty sweet. But, man, when I started reading some of his stuff, I was honestly turned off by it. To me he just seems like a guy who tries to be funny in a sarcastic way as he goes around killing at random. He’s kind of a dick.

But there are all kinds, aren’t there? And with Hollywood’s movies coming out one after the other, it sort of (sadly, I think) paints a picture of which one we should like more. We’ve had X-Men shoved down our throats, and Iron Man slapped across our senses. But we’ve also had our share of Batman and Superman over the years….and the…umm…..(*cough*SHITTY*cough*)…Green Lantern movie as well.


I am not the comic connoisseur of the world, nor is it my intent to act as such. I am just a dude who loves some Green Lantern and wanted to see what the rest of the world loved or knew about comics.


So, let me know what you think. DC or Marvel? …or something other hidden comic treasure which the world doesn’t really know about but should?


Let us know.


4 thoughts on “DC or Marvel?

  1. This has changed at various stages of my life, but I current and foreseeably prefer Marvel. I am always drawn to very character driven fiction, and it’s something specifically about Marvel’s characters that I tend to lean towards. There is this commonly sited idea that in the Marvel universe, characters are modeled as being deeply flawed where as in the DC universe it is the world itself that is flawed, rather than the characters. Here is a recent quote where the theme is mentioned:

    “Gillen goes on to illustrate how he feels the series highlights the differences between Marvel and DC heroes. At DC, the writer feels like “the world is the problem in many ways. They’re trying to make sure paradise returns. Batman was fine until his parents were killed.”
    Whereas with Marvel characters, he argues the characters themselves and their failings are a big part of the problem, failings they have to overcome during the course of the story.”

    Another way I’ve heard it put is that Marvel characters create their own demons. It stands true if you compare some of the origin stories of some of the classic characters from each side. Think Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, vs Batman, Superman, Green Lantern. I’m sure it doesn’t hold up across the board, with the hundreds of writers and storylines, but as a general idealogical difference it seems accurate.

    Anyway, back to my opinion. I guess I just like how they (Marvel) are more flawed. Super Man and Bat Man have always seemed too perfect for me. Never liked them. Captain America, I’ll admit at times skirts that list as well, but I think he comes across more human. I think it’s the fact that he was just a regular unimpressive guy before, and he still basically that guy. Just stronger.

    I’m not saying DC isn’t without it’s merits. But I always loose interest in it much more quickly.

    And as for other gems, I recently pick up Wayward, by Jim Zub. It’s only #2 issues in right now. It’s about a half Japanese, half Irish girl who just moved back in with her mom. It’s set in modern Tokyo and had a strong focus on Japanese monsters/folklore. Captures the culture in a really lovely way.

    Also my guilty pleasure is Sonic the Comic. ❤

  2. Sarilleny,
    Sweet post. Thank you! You have opened up a couple of items that I wanted to comment on. I had never thought about the DC and Marvel worlds to be built differently; that totally makes sense though, and I think it’s pretty cool. I am in agreement with you in the character-drawn fiction. It is my belief that the world could be the coolest of worlds, but if the characters are flat, the story’s going to be flat. Yes, Superman and Batman, I agree completely, seem a bit too perfect. It’s like they are 100% right and complete and their “completeness” is going to combat evil. Interesting. Flawed characters are way more interesting because the reader wants to see if they can overcome this aspect of their character.
    I love it. I’ve wanted to get into Marvel, but I’ve never really taken the steps. The world’s been too big that I never really knew were to start. I have been wanting to find a Marvel member that I can sort of find an interest in and relate to. It just hasn’t happened yet. And, to be honest, I don’t read enough to make any sort of claim as to me liking DC or Marvel. I’ve actually spent most of my comic time in the Manga world. I started off with Monster, by Naoki Urasawa, which was only 16 books long, and now, as you know, I’m still reading One Piece (book 37 now!).
    Your series sounds way cool, and I know all about your guilty pleasure with Sonic. Thanks again for the post, friend. Chat soon. 🙂

  3. I started with Marvel Comics when I was 9. Spiderman (and Final Fantasy games) taught me how to read. They were the only reason I had as a kid to use a dictionary, especially for well read, threatening guarantees from villains. As an adult however I feel like Marvel comics and characters don’t have the depth that DC stories have. There are a few exceptions but here are my thoughts on a few characters from each company:

    Spiderman: You know his origin and grow with him. After a while though I can’t relate to him and his weak personality when he’s out of uniform.

    Batman: You know his origin and then you experience his adventures. His past however, how he trained himself and grew into being Batman is speckled and has a lot of room for creativity. You can never really piece together accurately his timeline. That flexibility and mystery has led to more interesting stories and encounters (e.g. League of Shadows, ARGUS, Identity Crisis [a story surrounding sexual assault and the ethics of abusing of special powers])

    Wolverine: He is a DC character in Marvel comics in my opinion. He’s complex, independent and can be simply outmaneuvered by many villains. Wolverine’s unknown past has lead for very creative story arcs.

    Lately I’ve been focusing on less popular titles because I’m exhausted by Marvel and DC almost blowing up the world every story. Also the way that everything is intertwined is tuckering me out. It’s too much. I love the movies though. There is no effort required, just popcorn.

    I highly recommend you try Vertigo, Dark Horse and Image now more than ever. They’ve grown considerably with new titles that are not complicated but are more focused and have a refreshing style of storytelling. Please try the Saga graphic novel. It is my favorite Sci-fi Fantasy Comedy Romeo and Juliet story. But I’m just a sucker for any comic without Earth or humans in it.

    I can go on for a bit but I have to do homework.

  4. CuencZ,

    Wow man, superb Comic information. You’re one of those friends of mine who knows Comic stuff more than I do and I can learn from, so that’s pretty sweet. I’ve heard of Dark Horse and Image and know how much popularity they’ve gained in the past few years.
    Interesting take on DC and Marvel. I’ll say firstly that yes, DC and Marvel have been blowing up the media and it’s almost like they have more hands in our daily lives than we’d like. You say that Marvel characters don’t have the depth that the DC stories have. So, you’re saying that if you look at the full spectrum of DC characters, there are more relatable points to them. Cool. I might have to have another talk with you on some more examples, but interesting point. I would say that there are always the human conflicts that both DC and Marvel seem to have. Outside of their being in Character, they do seem to have human problems, though from what little I know, I would agree with Sarilleny in that those flaws and problems seem more manifest in Marvel.
    I’ll check out more Dark Horse and Image stuff. I think they’re both companies that produce some of the Marvel movies. But, I’m sure they put out some no-name stuff too. Thanks for the comment.

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