Sunday Ticks Down

I’m looking out the window right now to an outside scene filled with sunshine, trees, and laughter.

The furniture isn’t anything notable, but it does fill the frame. There’s a worn glass table, dusty and in need of some love outside the sporadic barbecue, some ratty iron chairs with ratty faded cushioning, and a hornet’s next somewhere above, the occupants of which are trying to figure out their own lives than worry about the activity below. 

On the inside as well as the the out, this Sunday carries with it an energy that allows us to appreciate what we’re doing, and where we are. It tells us to slow down, refocus, and breathe. 

It’s beautiful out there, and the sounds of the acoustic guitar let’s me know that someone around here is paying attention to the suggestions of today, and allowing the heart to do the rest. 

As Sunday ticks down, let’s enjoy it. Get outside, throw on some pajamas. Stay away from a false energy that tells you you need to rush. Get done what you can, but let tomorrow work itself out. I’m going to do something along those lines as well. There’s a couch in front of me. A comfy one. 


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