The Books Around Us

    It’s the end of the working day and I find myself in a library. What a place. Books everywhere, shelves of them towering from the floor to the ceiling, and every rack is full. 

    Since I was a kid, books have been my friends, my very good friends. I was never the quickest reader in the class (even now it takes me some time to sit down and get to the end of a hefty book), but I always loved the idea of the story. I figured that anyone who knew a lot of words could create a story – could weave any tale she wanted. So I started writing. 

     In December of 2008 I started writing. Didn’t really know where to start; just picked a thought-train in my head and went along for the ride. Ended up with a short story which I ran past a few friends and family members. It never went anywhere, though I was proud of it at the time – still am, I suppose, it being the first story and all. 

    But let’s skip the details other than this crucial one – to write well, one must learn to read well. You have to read – a lot, and, I admittedly haven’t been doing my part on this. We can sit back and blame the I-NEVER-HAVE-TIME gods for as long as we wish, but one day our own time will run out, and somewhere around there we’ll have to ask ourselves what all those excuses were worth. 

  The library is a grand place to be. Worlds, events, and characters just sit there and wait for us. We just need a bit of focus and effort and the ready rhythm is ours. 

If you haven’t visited a library recently, it’d be a good idea, at least for a browse, maybe some nostalgia. Hell, you may even pick something off the shelf. 


2 thoughts on “The Books Around Us

  1. Even more true in an age where bookstores like Borders is gone, and Barnes and Nobles is struggling. But my only fear is, in a world of government shutdowns, furloughs, and such, how long is this going to last before the local governments get tired of funding libraries? Even national parks are switching to privitization. Sad. I hope libraries become more sustainable than they are currently, so they can continue on.

    1. 阿江,
      Great comment, and one that seems to bring it all into perspective. The fact of the matter is that people don’t read much anymore. You’ll have those telling you that, because of the Internet and social media, we read more than ever. But the reading style is not that of standard reading. I would say we’re doing more than ever. It’s not really reading, but scanning for information. Libraries are one of my places of sanctuary. They’re quiet, simple, and allow for individual contemplation. Like you, I hope they don’t, for the above listed reasons and others, go by the wayside. Thanks for the comment.

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