12:46 on a Chocolate Taipei Morning

At some point when I get back to the States, I intend to publish a rather full post of our travels here in East Asia –  the works (pictures, stories, facts, lessons learned, et cetera). But, as I’m still in the midst of those particular travels, that particular post will have to wait. 

But, in the mean time…

I have chocolate, and a sundry of other midnight-snack sorts. Here’s the rundown: 

1. Bubble Tea 珍珠奶茶 (refined and mastered here in Taiwan. No one does it better – fact)

2. Some cheesy bread 密歐克起司 item from the local Family Mart 

3. Chocolate miscellany (Kit Kat 買一送一, Some panda chocolate thingies, etc.)

4. Coffee (Glorious Japanese/Taiwanese Convenience-Store Coffee, mind you – not shitty Folgers, Maxwell House, gas station stop-your-heart-and-will-to-live black-death coffee) 貝納頌

5. Jagabee (加卡比) quasi-Potato-chip-like-things, which although I don’t know what they are, are good. Really good. 

       The convenience stores of this region of the world are magical. The geographical proximity between Taiwan and Japan has created a lovely commercial and mercantilistic offspring which they have raised up to present day, and this “covenience” product is one of the best representations of that. There is something about the Japanese way of running a convenience store that results in something gloriously…convenient. It’s not the crappy convenience store of the United States that you find just to buy a 84oz can of Monster, a pack of smokes, shitty coffee, and a lotto ticket. It’s a place to pay bills, send your laundry in, pick up cosmetics, fax, print, send stamps or packages, help with disability services, arrange bus pick-ups, and other sundry conveniently arranged services. Taiwan has done a wondrous job of continuing that service which began in Japan, and it brings a smile to my face every time I see a Family Mart or 7-Eleven. 

       Okay, I must get some sleep so that I can arise and use my convenience-store knife to carve into some deliciously fresh Taiwan mangos for breakfast. This before I jump again into the beauties of Formosa. 



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