The End of the Academic Tunnel

The end of school quickly draws near and oh, the adventures we’ll have then. I have been run ragged these past few weeks (no, no, I’m not making excuses. I’ll have you know that I did finally complete the first draft of my short story, which currently has a lengthy length of 9K+, but that should shimmy on down to at least 7.5…one can hope. So there’s that. 

     And then there’s China. Yes. Writing, reading, and going to China. 

I am in the middle of a book of poetry by none other than Garrison Keillor and, they’re okay. Here is, as the Writing Excuses Gang would say, a can of worms for later, but I would like to state here, publicly that I am opposed to spoiling things for others. Yes, movies, books, short stories, t.v. shows, all of the above, don’t want to spoil for others (probably because I don’t like them spoiled for me). 

BUT – 

    I do agree with a statute of limitations…at least with movies or television. I mean, c’mon, if someone hasn’t seen the original Star Wars (ESB) by now, it really doesn’t matter. It was made over 40 years ago; odds are you’re probably not going to watch it tonight.

With books, different game, I feel. I mean, if I haven’t ready Hamlet or Crime and Punishment, or The Shining….maybe I just haven’t gotten to it, but I’d like to. I know, that’s not a real solid basis for argument, but that’s how I feel. If I want to read The Alchemist, don’t ruin it for me. 

       Look, movies, those take a whopping two-hours. Books – much longer. Therefore, I want to still enjoy the book and I want others to enjoy the book and I realize it takes time. If you haven’t had two hours in the past 40 years to watch a movie, that’s you, but if you’re a slow reader, I guess I can justify that a bit. 


      Okay, ’nuff for now. Back to work. 



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