I’ve never read Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones
The Game of Thrones

I’ve never read Game of Thrones.

I know.

Right now my fellow geekdom planet out there is perhaps reacting the same way. Something like, “What do you mean you’ve never read Game of Thrones? It’s the most epic (and I use that word only because the majority of the fantasy/sci-fi geeks out there use it, though I’m a purist linguist asshole and wouldn’t use that word in that way because, well, let’s stay on topic, shall we?*) story ever!”

It’s all good though, right? Because I’m probably following along with the television series on HBO. But, yeah, I’m kind of not doing that either.

And I’m trying to dodge the stares that my community is giving me and am ready for them to ask me to show them my true fantasy/sci-fi-geek card. They were out of cards last time I went, so..seriously.

But with regard to the topic, I confess, I am not like the rest of my geeky compatriots in that I cannot begin reading a series until it is finished. Here’s why.


A few years back I read Rothfuss’s Name of the Wind (from here on to be referred to as NoTW), which, if you’re the one guy or gal out there who has not read it, please allow me to be one more fervid vote that you do. A stupendous book. I burned through it, buzzed, chopped, even sambaed through that giddy fantasy goodness. I was ready for the next book.

I remember spending a couple of days jumping online to see when the next book was going to come out. I could wait.

So I waited…and waited….and waited…..and (damn dude, c’mon) waited.

You know what I’m talking about.

So I went on blogs to find out what was going on with this next book and when it would come out. I went to Pat’s blog and, cut to the point, he answered a question from a fan that was similar to what I was asking myself (and I paraphrase) –

Q: “What if it’s been so long between books that we forget what happened?”

Pat’s A: Well, I guess you’ll just have to read it again. (in so many words).


“What a dick!” I thought. That was it; “F*ck this guy! (PLEASE READ ON – THIS IS NOT AT ALL HOW I FEEL ABOUT PAT….Pat, you know this!) ” I’m never reading

any of his bullsh*t again.

The point is, I felt that I was basically jaded with this hype about who this dude was and I loved him, but he didn’t have the 2nd book out at the time and, what’s more, he told me to wait. It was a different time in my life and I felt pretty pissed off with what he was doing to me.


I decided that was it. I wasn’t reading any incomplete series again. Before I go on, it should be noted that I believe Pat to be the man – the man is a f&cking sorcerer when it comes to craft and the artistry of writing. I love the guy. Again that was a different time and I’m not going to use this post to go thorugh my feelings.


The point is, I cannot read series that are not yet complete, nor can I watch the corresponding television shows – why? Because 99% of the time, the book’s better than the film adaptation. I’m a literary person – love language and words.


A while back I was listening to a Writing Excuses episode when, somewhere toward at the back half of the cast, Howard spoke up and mentioned that an author wouldn’t want to do something or other (I don’t recall now what the cast was discussing) because it might spoil something for those who are waiting for the series to be complete before they pick up the books (It was something like that; again, I don’t remember the cast or conversation topic).

I thought, “WOOT! Yep (raised hand in the air for all to see) this guy; right here. I totally get it. I do that sh*t all the time.” And then he said…

“Yeah, there are actually people out there who do not start reading until the whole series is written.” I believe I actually heard some echoes of “Huh?” and “Really?” from the background.

I thought. “SO!?” I had no idea at that point that A. it was a big deal, and B. why wasn’t other people following my sound logic?


The point is, there’s a reason why I wait until a series is finished before I begin. Authors who write long series of books have (I presume) a plan, but it takes a while to manifest that plan, especially when it comes in the form of literature. But, reading a book is words is faster than writing it, and if I’m the reader and I enjoy the book, I’m going to want to keep reading. I don’t want to get into it, get a stiffy, and then have the book just end without a happy ending.


I want to get what I paid for!  (…assuming I actually paid, that is).


Books are great on their own; don’t get me wrong. But, that’s if they’re a stand-alone book. If it’s part of a series – the logical thing (not that you have to follow logic – many read Sanderson’s The Way of Kings knowing that there are another proposed nine books. NINE!)


Reading – it takes patience. JUST WAIT! It’s worth it.




*Actually, with regard to scope, Game of Thrones can actually be described as epic because, well, let’s just stay focused.


2 thoughts on “I’ve never read Game of Thrones

  1. I always thought you were smart, but this just nails it! Unfortunately, I heard the hype, started reading the series, and am now waiting the next book. But I can’t remember where it left off, because I read it a few years ago. And let’s face it, it’s epic in the traditional sense. I don’t see myself reading the series (or even the last book) again. Such a waste!

    1. Jeannette –

      Yeah, that’s such a waste. In this case I can totally see why people would watch the series – you’re just getting bits of the series at a time, and there’s time enough to watch while the finale is being actually written. But when you read something, you don’t want to wait for two years to see what happens. Thanks for agreeing. See? Someone knows what I’m talking about.

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