Free write at 843

The phone didn’t ring, Mac, The phone didn’t ring, 

Shake, Sing, Write, 

Black and white, It’s night I think, ain’t it? 

Ain’t’s a frightening word, but goes well with martinis, 

German cars, and deja vu. Wasn’t it Three Dog Night who sang, 

“Who do you think you’re foolin’?”

Nope. Just checked. It was Simon, Paul, 

I’m in, though, all of it – all in, chips, dimes, and processing attorneys. 

All fees, please forward to my own, Mine and Murphy. 

<<shakes head>>

Who needs drugs after a night like this? 

Guns, Colombo, and let’s make sure the oven mitt’s on nice

and comfy like before I chop my fingers off. 

Poetry and Witches, 

Because we could all use a switch now and again. 


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