Free Thoughts from Portland, ME

Don’t get the wrong idea. I’m in Portland, ME, but I’m not writing about Portland, ME right now. I’m writing about me being tired and still writing at some weird (but, at the same time, great) “business center” in the Hampton Inn at midnight – yes, midnight. Actually 14 minutes past midnight. I’ve had my hot chocolate and my bowel movement, and it’s almost time enough for me to head back to the room and complete my slumber for the evening. Oh, more importantly I came down to the hotel’s “business center” to get some writing in, my daily dosage, actually, and I did.

        We drove something like five to six hours to get here today and tried a fantatic place for lobster. Yes, lobster, it was the entire reason we drove that long and risked that much sleep deprivation to get here. I’m still experiencing that. Tomorrow, after I wake myself from this soon-to-be-incredible slumber, there will be some sight-seeing, some more seafood, and probably …I don’t know..probably some pictures taken or two.

        Okay, bed time.


2 thoughts on “Free Thoughts from Portland, ME

  1. Sue Miller says:

    Mmmm….lobster. Hope you enjoyed every single bite. Yum!! Well done on keeping up with your writing commitment.

    • Sue, thanks so much for the comment. The writing has been splotchy these past couple of weeks. Back to school Monday. Keep enjoying the good life down under for us.

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