Raine & Bastion: We’ve been discovered

Raine: “We are discovered. We must flee, immediately.”

Bastion: “What? Wha–? How? How in the hell did they find us?

Raine: “Shall we sit down for drinks and discuss? Shit, man, just go!”

Bastion: “Okay, okay. But, the girl. What about her?”

Raine: “What about her? We found her in penury and poor health.”

Bastion: “And?”

Raine: “And that’s how we leave her! Do you need a rule book? Here are the rules: We leave now, we live. We start thinking about the other poor scrapes of humanity around us, we die. Questions?”

Bastion: “Yes. What if we’re wrong?”

Raine: “Then at least cowardice will allow us to consider further options. Dither if you will, mate, but I’m off. Make haste now or spend eternity with the dead heroes. Your choice.”

Bastion: “Okay, okay. I’ll go. Have you got my mints?”

8 thoughts on “Raine & Bastion: We’ve been discovered

    • Sue! Yes, the evening hour got the best of me and this was what came out before I lay down for my slumber. Have to keep the writing churning, you understand. Saw the movie with Levi and the truck yesterday; it was great. How are things? Thank you for reading!

      • Sue M says:

        We’re okay. Chugging along here. I had mentioned earlier that my brother died this month – so that’s rough, but getting by. Jason is well and enjoying being a dad. Levi and Jason are at the pool right now. Hope you and Kerrie are thriving in NY

  1. rekshi says:

    I like your style a lot. I want to read one of your longer works. Have you put anything on here? I am still getting used to this website and I am starting to explore other blogs.

    Also, not to be the bearer of bad news, but “you’re choice” was written. >:)

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