Beach S

Team Stribling at the beach

A couple of days ago Team Stribling took a short drive over to a long strip of sand and water known to the locals affectionately as Sagaponack Beach.

The parking lot was empty as was the seemingly endless coastline, but once we cleared the steps and set our morning walking shoes on the fine sand of this gorgeous place, there was really no comparing the sights and the sounds to anything we had really seen in the area all week.In front of the waves

Long curls of shore waves rose and crashed in small short bursts along the beach, and the water bubbled white and rolled it’s frothy fingers up where out feet marched out across the sands, receding only to do the same thing a few seconds later. There were gulls there, all either riding the small puffs of the air eddies just at the crests of the short waves or congregating there at the water’s edge waiting for something scrumptious to turn up right at their yellow stick legs.sandy black image (3)

Kerrie knew about the place since she had spent one day last week with her class here cleaning up the beach. After two hours or so, they were able to fill three garbage bags full of beach plastic and discard it. She picked out certain shells she liked and new gasps of excitement came from her every three to five steps when a new shell, rock, or interesting shore oddity caught her interest.  The shells were all kinds of different sizes and colors, most broken, but a few still whole.  We collected them here and there and when we were finally done, we took them back to the car and took them back to the house.showing off

It was mainly the idea of just getting out of the house and going about the day that really allowed us to head to the beach that morning.

Just as we were about to leave, we were greeted by a fellow who introduced himself as the “Mayor of Sagaponack Beach.” He related story upon story regarding the area and where to park and when we would need a parking license and so on..Sagaponack Beach

And that was our morning.



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