The Skinny

Here’s the skinny –

The kiddos are out of the house and the overall tempo of things has dropped to a beautiful low. I’m 23 days in on consecutive writing and the writing group helps a lot to that end. It’s good to collaborate with others regardless of what your endeavor is (writing, film making, painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, overall design).  The point is that I’m closing in on my goal. That’s a wonderful feeling. I was just talking with my brother last night and we were both getting pretty excited about our goals. Mine is to outline a long piece of fiction, his is to run a marathon. Each goal carries it’s own respective degree of training and commitment. It’s funny, it’s not until after things are completed that we find out whether or not we truly “wanted” something.

We always talk about how we want to do this or want to do that, but whether or not we truly want something isn’t proven until task has finished. In other words, you can talk about running a marathon all day long, but at the end of the day, did you or did you not run the damn thing?

On another note, there’s a sticker on my coffee cup that reads: 好好活著,因為你要死很久 (Make the most of life, because you’ll be dead a long time). Things like that always tend to put it all into perspective.

Keep it up, folks. Pain or pleasure, keep moving.


2 thoughts on “The Skinny

  1. Sue M says:

    Hey Levi. It seems to be that our expectations about achieving can be so built up in our heads that, when it arrives (or is completed), it is not how our minds imagined it to be. The greatest example of this is having children. The mind makes up all sorts of stories and ideas about what it will be like to have a child. And it’s not like that. And then your question may arrive in some parents’ minds – did I really want this? And, Jason and I love that motto. So very true. – about being dead a long time. I’m burying my brother in two days time and it’s a game changer. I really want to be KIND to all people and not let small frustrations make me angry. So my new motto to live by is, “That’s Alright”. It’s very liberating – liberating from my tendency to be easily angered. Hope you guys are well.

    • Sue – so true. Oftentimes we live through our own built-up expectations that we forget to put the motions into action. I appreciate your comment very much and am so sorry to hear about your brother. I cannot imagine and your use of the term ‘game changer’ really puts it into perspective. Kindness is definitely key. I will speak for myself in that my ego is a very sly way of getting in between me and kindness and I’m still trying to work on sidestepping him. Love to you, Jason, and Levi. Keep your head up.

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