Dear God: You’re (like) Not Worth My Time

dear god - sorri

Dear Life, Dear God, Dear Universe, Dear Fill-in-the-Blank,

Here I am – a fully capable, fully formed and apt manifestation of you, who in all reality, are me. I’m here just as You/I’ve created, with all the parts, tools, and beauties that I require for this journey. I’m capable of extending to all beings your infinite Love, Peace, and Joy, I’m capable of building higher, stronger, better, faster, I’m capable of learning and growing, and helping others, my brothers, my sisters, my neighbors, those who also share in your/my own reflection and image. I’m capable of giving, and sharing, and asking for nothing in return, capable of making others laugh, and feel loved, and that they are cared for, and not alone. I am capable of physical feats unmatched by other species who also share this wondrous plane of existence with me. I’m able to swim, run, sprint, squat, crawl, lift, and climb, I’m able to transport, assist, and afterwards, rest and recover, so that I may perform anew.

I’m able to be patient, to sit for long periods of silence, communing at any time, with You alone, returning to my origin for focus. I’m able to hear, see, and touch your/my very beauty every complete millisecond that passes from future, through now, and into the past. I’m capable of channeling the energy of my being so that the dreams of others may actualize. I’m able to make the world around me flex to the demands of your/my heart, my mind, and I am able to smile as I watch the unfolding of you with every sunrise and sunset.

I’m capable of sending blessings, to all beings, in the purely concentrated order (not hope) that they are actualized and that my orders (your orders) are followed through to the utmost degree.

I’m capable of acting, in good faith, in all that I do, upon the seemingly whimsical but divinely precise words of my heart when it speaks of the betterment of this place, this plane, this world, this blue and green (north , south, east, west)  home that I have been presented as a gift.

I’m capable of sending love, of healing, of treading lightly upon the carefully wrapped gift of a planet, upon which I have been allowed to roam and conquer myself, to find who I am. …In all ways, love.


Yet, I’ve simply found a better use of my time.


I’ve found that it’s easier to not help feed the hungry, not to take out the trash, not to close the door behind me, turn off the music, or be on time. I’ve found that it’s not worth my time on this rock to pick up the trash around my area, clean up after myself, wash my own dishes, or even make my bed. Those things – all those things and many more, I’ve simply decided to place in my own category called “Nah.” I’ve decided that it’s only worth my time if I get paid for these things, and even then, let’s face it, I’m going to try and get them done in the most expeditious (it was probably too much a waste of my time to even write that word – expeditious) manner possible. Quality? You’re going to have to pay me extra for that. Let’s put it into perspective of luggage on the airplane. I don’t know what took them so long, but see? they figured it out, nothing is free in this world.

Care for the homeless? Easier to look the other way. Sorry. I mean, I’ll write about helping them out. I’ll write about anything. I can do that. It’s just the whole… I dunno….yeah, even handwriting, or spelling. Fuck that. Seriously? You want me to take an extra half hour to pick up a pencil and actually write a letter?! Hell no! Next thing I know ,you’ll be asking me to sharpen my pencil on my own or erase a word that I didn’t spell correctly and rewrite it. Yeah right. Not today, Grandpa. It’s called e-mail, it’s called sending a text. Even that’s too long. It’s called “texting”. It’s called spell check!  It’s called “convenience.”

It’s the just way of the world – convenience. Wash my own car? Iron my own clothes? Do my own homework? Recycle? BZZZZZ!  WRONG!


Not convenient.

Cook my own food?

Not convenient.

Get to work/school/class on time?

Not convenient.

Reading big, stupid, awkward, shitty-smelling books?

Not convenient.

Do what I’m “supposed” to do, what I was “hired” to do?



Not convenient.


What’s convenient, is me sleeping in, ordering delivery in my underwear, paying for a bunch of ethnic minorities to wash my car, jerking off,  e-readers (even better, audio books), video games, styrofoam non-biodegradable (that’s a mouthful – that’s what she said! LOL!) containers that I can leave around my apartment and have the “so-sorri-no-speek-englis” cleaning crew pick up after me. I can leave the toilet unflushed as well, to make ‘em earn it. What’s convenient is subscribing to like, all of the  8th-grade level national newspapers (because I need to sound smart).

I mean, if someone really wants me to do all that other “integrity-human-decency-honor-respect-for-my-fellow-man” horseshit , they better pay me. ‘Cause otherwise it’s like just not worth my time.


So, Dear Life, God, Universe, Whatever,


Sorri, but muney taks.

12 thoughts on “Dear God: You’re (like) Not Worth My Time

  1. Apocalypse says:

    Look dude, you do not understand, money is not everything-that is just an illusion of this world. Quick question; if God is not worth your time, then with your thought pattern you wouldn’t be worth his time either. But he still cares about you, even if you don’t care. Honestly I think you should make God worth you time because he took the time to create you, and the world around you, and the people who made the money you oh so dearly love. – Ik this was like just some random challenge or whatever, but I hope you truly don’t believe what you wrote down cuz if you do…………….you will most likely land in the left hand of the picture—but who am I to judge? LMAO—whatever

  2. Norrin says:

    It’s good sometimes to give the being that has created you some of your time hey I don’t even give Him enough of my time to actually praise him and thank Him for what he’s done for me… For the fact God sent His Son Jesus to die on the cross.. When no one else in this world would have done the same for you and I. I thank Him for taking his “time of thinking about me” and came to earth and saved mankind ad saved you and me from going to hell I’m not trying to change you.. But at least give Him some credit.. It’s not like he treated you wrong..

  3. Kiera Franks says:

    It seems like youre just trolling but if you arent…He gave his sons life for you and you don’t feel like you can give the lord your time? Wow……well only God can judge you, and I hope you repent before judgement day or else you’ll be spending a very long eternity with Satan. Money would be the last thing on your mind then…

  4. Viorel says:

    Hey,just read this article “by accident(not)”,didn’t really understand anything about what’s written here,i’m a rebel in god,and i just feel the need to say this,eve though i’m happy i have a home,food,and am healthy i feel like nothing’s worth my time anymore,i have nothing to live in this world for,and god keeps calling me,and i look the other way,frankly i’d rather choose god to live for and be the reasoning for my existance,for i do not find happiness in either money or this earthly life,it’s not cuz i didnt have it,its because of it caused me only unhapiness,hehe here comes the saying “money doesn’t bring you happiness”,ironic,i dont know what i just wrote here maybe you’ll understand the way i meant it.

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