One Piece – Vol. 31

I’ve been into Anime and Manga (English: Graphic novels) since I’ve spent a protracted period in Japan. If you’ve never been, it’s a country that’s magical and one I would recommend any day of the year. You just have to go. At least once. Even before we went to Japan, Kerrie kind of got me hooked on them by getting me the first volume of a Manga called Monster, which ended up being something like 18 volumes long. She just said that she thought it looked good and that she thought I would like it so, voilá. And like it I did. I read all of the volumes that were out at the time and had to wait impatiently for the final two volumes to arrive. 

    But since then, I’ve jumped into an entirely new chasm of graphic novel – one considered, at least as fans are concerned a bottomless pit. The title of this one is One Piece, and there are currently over 70 volumes in the story.Image It’s all about a kid who wants to become king of the Pirates and gathers his own makeshift crew of ruffians and comedians to take on whatever the unknown world of pirates and fantasy thugs has to offer. A wondrous world of fantasy, and tooney slapstick surrealism that makes you fall in love with it. It’s a great adventure. There is also a cartoon out, but I’ve long been a fan of reading the original work before going to the film adaptation.

    I’m off to read Volume 31 – The 8th Book of the Skypeia arc…if that means anything to you…nah, probably not. And then to bed. 

You don’t have to start on the long ones. Pick up the first copy of a series that’s only eight or ten books long. They take just a couple hours to finish and, when done well, they’re worth it.

Night all. Sweet Pirate dreams to me. 


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