We just checked into our hotel and had a bit of down time before we had to head out, so we kick our feet up and lie down on the bed. She’s playing on the phone and I’m reading a magazine.
I open the magazine and two leaflets fall out and I pick them up to look at them. It actually might be a better idea for me to just get a subscription rather than buy the issues individually. She sees me looking at these two leaflets advertising a full year for $20, and opens with a question.

Her: How much was that magazine?
Me: (flip to front cover and look) Six dollars.
Her: Oh wow; you should just get a subscription.

In the middle of holding up this evident information, written in the lingua franca for both of us, I turn and look at her. She’s gone back to looking at her phone after solving my issues.

I love you, Doll. How did I function without you?

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