The couch – a NaNoWriMo excerpt

NaNo’s going well and the word count’s coming along. I hope the writing’s coming for you. I thought I would share one of my latest excerpts from one of the final chapters in Epsilon Claw. Here’s ‘The Couch’. 

Happy Holidays.




“Take that shit off,” he said.

            She struggled in her fear to stand and, still shaking, removed her clothing. It took only a few short moves and it was done; she was naked. She stood there looking at him with her arms at her side.

            “Nice,” he said re-holstering his guns. “Now are you going to do anything about the couch?”

            “The couch?” she said.

            “Yes, honey, the couch. That’s the reason I told you to take that shit off in the first place. Have you seen that thing that you’ve probably been sitting on looking all fake and lonely? It’s disgusting.”

            She looked at the couch and didn’t know what she was staring at until she finally saw it. A small dead animal that had been flattened with the two bullets that he put past her face was sprawled out underneath where she was sitting. The guts had opened up over the entire upholstery of the couch.

            She screamed again and Ezekiel took a huge breath and covered his eyes. The face palm was at times the only thing that really was the right thing to do.


            She stopped.

            “Where is he?”


            “Holy shit, how do you have conversations? You’re not supposed to repeat everything I ask you; it’s supposed to be me, you, me, you. Like that; capish?” He gestured with both hands between him and her in the me, you fashion.

            “Who are you talking about?”

            “Do you own this house?”

            “This house?”

            “No, the house next door and the one across the street from that. Yes, this house, do you own it?”

            “No, why would you ~”

            He cut her off with an open palm. “Stop. You’re getting ahead of yourself and it’s a pretty steep drop-off, okay? One step at a time. Here’s the next step; the man who owns this house, I know who he is, m’kay? Now, to expedite my retirement and your continued safety, I need you to tell me where he is?”

            She continued to look at him, shaking.

            “Was that too much for you?” He said, withdrawing again his two handguns from the light holsters on his belt. “Because I can just go find him myself. It will cost you your life, of course, if I have to do that, because looking for him would be a pain in the ass, and I tend to take those pains in the ass out of someone else’s ass. 


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