The Bones of the Craft

The Bones of the Craft

When we finally make the decision to write, we tend to look at ways others have done it, searching through books and online articles to find any piece of advice that would help. There are a few that I have found that really take passing the advice along seriously. Chuck Wendig is one of those guys. 

     I appreciate Chuck because there’s no fake to him. There’s just the guy and his work. He is a writer who is passionate about what he does and that passions bleeds over to the rest of us. There are great authors out there with great advice, and after a while, the messages are the same no matter who you talk to. It’s all very basic. There are so many reasons why someone would want to write, but no one becomes a writer without writing. You just have to do it. 

      Here’s e-mail that Chuck recently responded to. Post your comments below, and keep at the keys. 



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