Back to Monday

Hello there my dear friends, 

     Back to Monday tomorrow and I must say that the weekend was an enjoyable one which started off with Kit Kats and peanut butter cups. Went for a beautiful run this morning and was able to connect with family and some friends. The good news is we have two weeks before our Thanksgiving Break – glorious. 

How has Mandarin teaching been going thus far? 

You know what? Not all that bad. In fact, great! Like every place there are some ups and downs, but all the downs are offset by something good. The food has been spectacular and the student body is relatively small. If the only thing I have to worry about at my job is whether or not students show up in the right uniform, I’d say I really don’t have any worries. 

Much love, and for all those who know what I’m talking about, remember – FOK. 



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