Sunday Night Black and White

The US shotHere’s the deal.


I have been in a cave, a work cave, and life has been flying by. I’ve been meaning to reach out to those who I am close to in terms of art and creation, but it still seems that the time has gotten away from me.

“I’ll read it; I can’t wait,” I say. And that’s true – every word. But before I know it, eight days have passed and I’m still without having read it. So, to MainelySane and Sarilleny, please trust me, I want to and I will.

Speaking of reading though. I’m just a few tens of pages away from finishing Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane.

How is it?


I customarily don’t read this word, but ‘meh.’ It’s Gaiman, I guess. The writing is Gaiman, the plot is Gaiman, the world, the setting, the story, the dialogue – all Gaiman. Now, I will say that it’s not as good as Neverwhere Gaiman, but hey, ebbs and flows.

Brett’s in there too – Yes, I’m still reading the Desert Spear. I’m just on a Gaiman hiatus at the moment.

Shit. What time is it? <<shakes head>>


It’s Sunday, folks. Sunday night, and it’s bedtime. LOVE, PeaCe, and Gaimanspeed.




2 thoughts on “Sunday Night Black and White

  1. I’ve been on your side of the, “I’ll read it,” too. We’re all so damn busy. No worries though. Take you time. ❤

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