The Big Idea: Brandon Sanderson


Sanderson is an author I respect. I’ve said this before; he’s not an author I wold rank up there as one of the most incredible authors in the world, but I give him heaps of respect. He’s done so much to encourage the next generation to write and write boldly. That’s all he seems to do. Again, I honestly don’t think his skill in the craft is what it needs to be, but that’s my opinion. The point is he’s an incredible motivator and he leads by a wicked example. I don’t know, Your thoughts?

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Don’t know if you’ve heard of this Brandon Sanderson kid, but something tells me one day he’s gonna hit the heights. He’s got a new book out called Steelheart, and he’s here today to talk about. And also to talk about being a geek. And how the latter matters to the former.

Watch for this guy! He’s gonna be big!


Early in my life, I knew I was a geek. I just didn’t know what that meant.

For example, I went to a Star Trek convention when I was eleven or twelve. Now, at that point, I’d only seen a handful of TOS episodes. I hadn’t discovered fantasy novels or reading yet. But I went to a Star Trek convention because…well, I was geek, right? That seemed like the sort of thing that geeks did.

Fortunately, it turns out my instincts about myself were right. During…

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